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As a manufacturer, streamlining your warehouse operations would be one of the most difficult processes. Warehouse management essentially involves physical resources— making it challenging to handle it remotely. Especially in these unprecedented times, automating maximum tasks has become core to the survival of the business. An efficient ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides manufacturing enterprises with powerful tools to sustain their business process with the help of automation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 warehouse mobile app

Performing complex and time-consuming warehouse operations within a few clicks on your mobile is now possible with Dynamics warehouse mobile app. Warehousing - Dynamics 365 empowers your warehouse staff by providing them efficient tools to carry out their daily activities — stock counting, inventory movement, inventory receipts and shipping, transfers, etc. As the warehouse mobile app is fully integrated with your D365 Supply Chain Management or D365 Finance & Operations ERP system, it ensures overall process accuracy and efficiency.

Dynamics warehouse mobile app is designed to be a cross-platform application that will work with Android and Windows 10 devices. It supports Android 4.4 or later versions, and Windows 10 or later versions.

For what functions can you use this mobile app?

Infused with various smart tools, this Dynamics 365 warehouse mobile app can help you perform most of your critical warehouse-related processes. Here is a brief list of vital capabilities of this mobile application

1. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management & Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

As the Warehousing - Dynamics 365 is completely integrated with your ERP, you would not need a middleware database to exchange the information. The full integration facilitates a complete and automatic transfer of data between the mobile application and your ERP.

2. Operate your mobile warehouse application in on-line mode

One of the features that make the Dynamics 365 warehouse mobile app easy-to-use is its capability to run on WiFi or mobile cellular connection. Through the on-line mode, you can connect to the ERP and get real-time updates.

3. Receive stock through purchase and transfer orders

The mobile app comes with a QR code scanner, which simplifies the process of item receipts via purchase and transfer orders. Your warehouse staff only need to scan the barcodes that consist of a lot, batch, and serial numbers to match it against the order information in ERP.

4. Make your picking process easy

Processes like picking, scanning, and sending back items are now made easy with the mobile app as it is connected to ERP. This ERP integrates the information to be updated on a real-time basis.

5. Perform all inventory-related tasks efficiently

Essential warehouse tasks like expediting goods against transfer and sales orders, moving goods as per transfer or movement documents, counting items to update counting journal, and getting information on item and inventory availability have be performed easily on the application.

6. Leverage barcode scanning technology

You can get the overall item and inventory information by scanning the barcodes on the items. Scanning can be performed through either the integrated barcode scanner or the built-in camera of your mobile device.

7. Handle operations of multiple warehouses or companies

The Warehousing - Dynamics 365 application facilitates working with single or multiple legal entities. To simply put, you can work with various physical or virtual warehouses defined in ERP.

Considering the recent changes and trends in the manufacturing world, such an application would be an asset for the seamless functionality of your inventory and warehouse processes. If you want to implement this mobile app, you can collaborate with an ERP service provider.

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