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It’s easy for operational people to become distracted by the new and shiny. Especially for those of us with an engineering or a technical background. The latest cool tech or wonder app may be enticing, but it will capture our attention only briefly. How many of those free software trials do you ever follow up on? Do we ever follow through and truly release the potential and business value in some of the incredible platforms that we see arriving at such a pace?


At Columbus, we evangelise about the Microsoft Power Platform. Not only because it’s an easy way to build a cool app and get it out there onto the shop floor fast. But also, because the foundations it is built on are so compelling.

The Microsoft Cloud offers a set of components, with a strong data platform at the core. Which is vital to being able to fast track improvements in business processes. What use are amazing processes when the data flowing through them is not trusted and hard to analyse?

Start at the tip of your iceberg and chip downwards…

We find, as we work with more and more manufacturers and distributors that the solution to one problem, often leads to another. It’s never long before we start looking at how we flow the information from, let’s say a Lineside Stock management app, into a quality process for example. And from there, we may head into goods receiving. The possibilities to engage employees in improvements are endless.

Because we have such an incredible array of tools that can make predictions, automate input and secure even the most sensitive data, there is always a solution somewhere in the Microsoft platform, no matter the business problem.

Start small, but don’t take your eye off the bigger picture…

Our methodology is flexible enough to work with businesses in a number of ways. We can enable your warehouse or shop floor troops to serve themselves and achieve quick results, but we also have the deep industry and technical experience to spot when there is a bigger opportunity presenting itself for larger project.

Our mantra is always start small, then scale. With the Power Platform, we can do exactly that. Our range of lean business accelerators are designed to flex from small training and consulting engagements into a full-blown project.

Listen first, then be understood…

We’re so excited by the opportunities presented by the Power Platform and other aspects of digital transformation that traditional blogging like this is no longer enough. And in these days of social distancing we wanted to find a new way to engage with operation leaders and transformers.

So, I’m excited to announce today that we’re launching the first episode of ColumbusCast.

This new podcast will cover all aspects of how manufacturing and distribution organisations can address their business pains using a range of solutions. We start with Power Platform and an insightful first conversation with Alex Whitfield, a senior manufacturing consultant and citizen developer here at Columbus.

Alex talks candidly about how he sees the platform becoming a key component of how we innovate with new functionality, quickly and securely, whilst managing the potential risks.

Interested? Click here to find out more and sign up.

Ready to set your innovation free?

Whether it be managing plant set-up, quality assurance in the warehouse or automating the approval of spares requisition, the Columbus team can bring deep knowledge and vast experience to your PowerPlatform roll-out. Contact us today and begin your journey to a transformed, optimised and future-proofed manufacturing environment.


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