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How to increase profit margins in food manufacturing

Are you wondering how to increase profit margins? Food manufacturers should improve inventory visibility, reduce waste, boost supplier relationships and more.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance can improve the efficiency of your processes

AI can help transform your financial processes and help you become more cost efficient as a manufacturer. Here are some benefits of Dynamics 365 Finance.

Can't see the wood for the trees: How visibility supports improvement

It's all about accessibility, accuracy and focus when it comes to ensuring operational visibility in manufacturing. Read about it from a consultant's view.

How important is effective supply chain management for e-commerce?

Very because supply chain management helps your business stay efficient at all operational levels, especially in this unpredictable world. Read more reasons here.

5 examples of manufacturers successfully using e-commerce

E-commerce isn’t just for retailers, it can benefit manufacturers too. Here are some examples of manufacturers who are excelling in e-commerce to inspire you.

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