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The state of CXE in manufacturing

Our partner report with Copperberg analyses the state of CXE in manufacturing and what could change...

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How COVID-19 changed supply chain resiliency planning

Even as we ease into a post-pandemic world, COVID-19’s impact on supply chain operations remains....

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COLUMBUSCAST: Analysing the state of manufacturing

How did 2021 end and what awaits manufacturers in 2022? In episode 6 of ColumbusCast, we’re joined...

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Supply chain optimisation: 5 ways D365 Finance & Operations can help

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O can digitally transform manufacturers, starting with your supply chain....

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How manufacturers can use Industry 4.0 to transform customer experience

We look at the impact Industry 4.0 is having on the manufacturing industry and its ability to...

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Canvas app vs model-driven app: Differences, benefits and more

The canvas and model-driven apps are two main types of apps Power users can build. Which is better?...

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