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Why cloud updates need stringent testing to ensure security

Don’t get complacent about your cloud ERP deployment. Although the cloud fixes many issues, it...

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3 best practices to reduce key dependency in IT business operations

Read our latest blog to uncover the three best practices to reduce key dependency risks in your IT...

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Maximising operational efficiency after go-live

Businesses should always aim to achieve operational efficiency – in other words, managing their...

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The importance of an update strategy when complying with Microsoft Evergreen

Today’s D365 customers have constant access to the latest tech and features. But it’s not just...

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Why frequent D365 updates give you more business flexibility

For some time, there has been talk that cloud-based business systems are the way forward. The...

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Overcoming obsolete Microsoft Dynamics systems with mandatory updates

Outdated business applications leave your organisation wide open to cybersecurity breaches, process...

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