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Why a code-test?

The purpose of the assignment is to get insight into your technical skills-set. The assignment is often combined with a phone call or a meeting with an experienced developer.

The card-deck assignment 🃏

The assignment is about designing and implementing an easy card game.

  • The card-game should have one or more decks. 
  • The assignment is considered done when you can mix, sort and pull cards from the card game and the parts are unit-tested.

Your sorting shall sort the cards in the game according to color and value: hearts (Ace, 2, 3 ... King), diamonds, clover, spades etc. All cards in the decks should be sorted. 

The card-deck assignment

To pull a card should show the card on top of the card game until all the cards are drawn. 

The shuffle of the cards should put the cards in random order.

How are you measured 📐 

The assignment is measured primarily by design and logic of the shuffle, sorting and pulling the cards with associated unit tests. 

The assignment is also measured by how fast you deliver the assignment and your communication with us during the assignment.

You can solve the assignment in C# or JAVA.  

Questions regarding the assignment and the results should be sent to the recruiting manager if nothing else is decided. 😀

Best of luck!  

Java since Duke

"I come in after project start, either as an architect to determine how the solution works or as a developer to implement the solution developed by other architects. I have the opportunity to switch in my role depending on which areas I am good at. In most projects, the role is quite wide, which means that there is a large variation in each individual project "

- Magnus, Java Developer at Columbus

A hobby that became his job

The step from sitting at home and programming to start working with web development was not a big one.

"This is what I enjoy, so why not do the same thing in my work as I do in my spare time? In that way, I have achieved what many people dream of - to work with what you are really passionate about." 

- Magnus, C# architect at Columbus

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