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As of January 1st 2024, ICY Security has joined Columbus and become Columbus Security. We continue to deliver first class IAM advisory and implementation and are expanding our portfolio to include IAM-related cybersecurity services and solutions.

This will help you build the best foundation for a secure business.

Digitization is on the rise, and information technology (IT) has evolved into infrastructure that is critical to individuals, organizations and society as a whole. Therefore, protecting your digital assets has become more complex and (business) critical than ever.

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing and requires you to have the insight, experience, and expertise to predict and prevent malicious attacks against your organization. At the same time organizations are constantly challenged to become more agile, increase efficiency and offer improved digital services.

This is where we can assist you – by offering our insights and experience to help you balance your security and business needs optimally.

Best practice security starts with your digital identities

74% of all breaches include the human element - either via error, misuse of privilege, use of stolen credentials or social engineering. 83% of breaches involve external actors, and the primary motivation for attacks continues to be financially driven, corresponding to 95% of breaches*.

It therefore makes perfect sense to build and expand your security strategy and landscape around protection of digital identities that have access to your digital infrastructure.

At Columbus, we provide you with the strongest security foundation, by combining Identity Security with leading Cybersecurity and business disciplines.

*According to Verizons 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report

Identity Security goes hand in hand with Cybersecurity


The set of technologies, processes and practices that protects companies’ digital infrastructure against cyberattacks, including unauthorized access.


Digital identity

Access to a company’s digital infrastructure is controlled by the digital identity. The digital identity is used to (1) verify the entity’s authenticity and authority, and (2) enable and secure digital interactions.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Identity & Access Management includes people, processes, and technology. It allows the digital identity to access the right resources with the right authorizations – depending on context, relevance, and time. IAM becomes more and more business-oriented and therefore requires business skills, and not just technical expertise. Companies with mature IAM competencies can reduce cybersecurity risk – and cost – significantly, as well as become more efficient and agile in supporting business initiatives.

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Understand and protect your security landscape

Over time, you are likely to have purchased and installed numerous security solutions – without really keeping track of your actual need for them. This leads to inefficiency, creates potential security risk and undermines your security budget. In the world of digital security, strength does not lie in numbers, but in smart, strategic, and streamlined security strategies. We can help you with that!

For example: If you have an Identity & Access Management provisioning through your Microsoft contract, we can give you a full picture of your actual security situation and clear recommendations as to how you should shape not only your IT security licensing, but the entire configuration of your security landscape.

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NIS2 – set your compliance journey with Columbus

Our NIS2 advisory service covers both cybersecurity and Identity & Access Management and gives you the best set-off to embark on your NIS2 compliance journey. 

Reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and safeguard your brand and business

An employee clicks on a malicious e-mail link. Virus spreads during update of a business application. Huge volumes of orchestrated traffic make an e-commerce website crash. Trusted users deliberately use their privilege access to steal critical data. Check this 3-step suggestion as to how you can strengthen your security posture and avoid ending on the newspaper front page with your data breach being exposed.

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