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To reach operational and product excellence, organizations need to constantly handle risk by gathering, evaluating and prioritizing information. These risks arise from various sources, including uncertainty in financial markets, threats from project failures (at any phase in design, development, production, or sustainment life-cycles), legal liabilities, credit risk, accidents, natural causes and disasters, deliberate attack from an adversary, or events of uncertain or unpredictable root-cause.

Columbus compliance and business continuity services assist business leaders including CIOs and CFOs with GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) consulting. Strategic and tactical consulting combined with audit services are at the core of our offerings. At Columbus, we combine 28-years of industry expertise with technology to provide support for organizations across the food, manufacturing and retail industries.

Ensure IT compliance

Are you GDPR compliant? What is the next IT compliance rule that will directly or indirectly affect your organization? Get the answer to all these questions with our compliance and business continuity services.

Increase productivity, lower costs

Streamline business processes and ensure your GRC strategy in place. The result? Improved productivity and lower costs.

Protect your data

Access control, audit trails and file encryption ensure privacy and data protection.
Joakim Jannerfeldt

Joakim Jannerfeldt

Compliance Expert

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