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How much time do people in your company spend looking for information? 

By creating automated business processes for document and information management, your organisation will be ready for the unexpected.

Columbus will guide you from start to finish, from a tactical consultation session to building a standardised process step-by-step, that covers all needs and is right for your business. We put great emphasis on the human element so that you and your employees are prepared for a digital transformation. 

Our 30 years of experience mean we know what companies need to be able to handle unforeseen events, raise the level of quality, increase productivity and comply with all legal requirements. Why not let us help you and your company too?

6 clear advantages of compliance

Efficient internal processes

Complex processes become easier to manage through standardisation, and you thereby increase the quality of your products and services.

Seamless information management

Your employees receive the right information at the right time, which increases productivity and decreases costs. 

Protection of your company’s brand

Well-planned risk management, secure processes and a flawless GDPR strategy protect your brand from adverse publicity. 

Higher employee satisfaction

Efficient and flexible processes reduce the workload for your employees which increases their work enjoyment.

Faster customer service

When you have all necessary information at hand you can quickly give customers what they ask for. 

Greater productivity and good for growth

How many hours are lost to looking for the right information? Minimise time thieves through efficient information management. 

Operational improvement

We create business processes based on the unique needs of your company

In the digital world, new regulations, requirements and requests come at an increasingly faster pace. This means that your company needs to be able to handle change quickly – otherwise there is a risk that security failures will emerge, leading to serious consequences. 

A focus on compliance is therefore imperative, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Columbus helps you to create a strategy and process specifically suited to your company, your industry and your needs. 

What we do for your company

Data security

Strong data security is becoming more important. How do you ensure that documents do not become accessible to unauthorised parties, and how do you make sure they don't mistakenly get changed? We create a structure that protects your data and your information.

Digital agreements

Does your company still use paper documents? We help you to create a digital and standardised agreement process that increases productivity and reduces costs. Furthermore, you no longer need to search for where the document has been saved.

Automated processes

Process your purchases, agreements and payments automatically, for example by implementing AI. It allows you to save time and money and decrease the risk of errant purchases.

Risk management

Risks can come from all directions, from financial uncertainty in the market to unexpected natural disasters. To manage traceability in all your processes you must be able to identify deviations in your business system. This then allows you to identify failures and errors before they arise. We create risk management that prepares your company for the unexpected so that you can achieve the highest possible level of compliance.

Joakim Jannerfeldt

Joakim Jannerfeldt

Compliance Expert

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