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Transform your business with the latest cloud-based ERP

Does your current ERP solution offer you the required flexibility? Is your business struggling with increasing IT infrastructure investment? Are your stakeholders expressing the need for an integrated ERP solution that they can access anywhere to make critical business decisions?

The solution is simple—migrate from an on-premises ERP to one which is hosted on the Cloud!  


Benefits of migrating your ERP to the Cloud

Reduce TCO

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is one of the main concerns that businesses have. With the cloud-based ERP, you will see a significant reduction in the server-related costs as access is through the browser. 

Easier upgrades

The release cycle for Cloud-based ERP is continuous with regular upgrades, which means, that updates are much easier. Instead of involving your developers in months of planning, you can engage them in strategic work. 

Customize quickly

Cloud-based ERP makes it easier to customize applications as per business needs.  You can easily merge the code of different apps and manage deployment across varied environments without an ISV's support. 

Secure due to Azure

Built on a highly secure platform, the Cloud offers embedded security, numerous compliance offerings, Microsoft Azure can be used to create, rapidly deploy, and manage your business applications with data protection and complete control.

Scalable to your needs

With the Cloud, you automatically gain the ability to scale—with regard to user management, functionalities, integration capabilities—as per changing business needs without too much development work and incurring consultancy fees.

Easier to access

Today, all business stakeholders—employees, partners, vendors, or board members—want data access on the move. With Cloud ERP migration, you can offer stakeholders the option to access data from their own mobile devices.  

Accelerate your ERP migration from on-premises to the Cloud

Want to make your organization’s journey from Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 easier? Avail end-to-end support—starting from assessment to the next steps, the business case for the migration, and much more!

Know more

The role that Columbus can play

Columbus has the business, industry, and technical expertise to help you with migration from on-premises to the Cloud. Our unique value proposition lies in 30 years of in-depth, industry knowledge, process understanding, and established best practices. 

We leverage our expertise and experience to architect the best, cloud-ready solutions. As you innovate your business model and offerings, we design the business processes and systems to make sure you remain in control of the outcomes. We advise and execute on how to orchestrate a modern digital platform encompassing ERP and all interacting systems. 

Enable Business Compliance

Address security, regulatory (like GDPR), and compliance frameworks that are critical in industry verticals through the creation of a complete audit trail of all business transactions. 

Streamline Business Processes

Integrate scattered and varied IT systems to eliminate siloed information bottlenecks. Ensure robust operations with integrations across geographies and systems for both legacy and ERP solutions. 

Improve Overall Efficiency

Ensure tight integration within ERP modules to create an open, flexible system capable of integrating with other systems. Allows navigation of complex processes for better data-sharing. 
Somnath Debnath

Somnath Debnath

ERP Expert

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