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Moving from an on-premises or hybrid solution to a Cloud ERP will enable you to build efficient & resilient business processes. However, to truly reap its benefits, you need to choose the right enterprise software built for your industry and the right erp consulting partner to guide you through the implementation process.

We partnered with the leading solution providers for best-in-class Cloud ERP solutions — Infor and Microsoft — to make sure our customers can focus on business development and growth while we are doing the rest.

Compelling reasons for migrating your ERP to Cloud

Reduce TCO significantly

Moving to the Cloud will provide your business an opportunity to shift most of IT spendings from capital expenditures to operational ones by minimizing maintenance and upgrades costs associated with the on-premises ERP hardware or software.

Build agile and scalable system

Modern Cloud ERP can help to quickly adapt to the organizational changes with minimum configuration to scale up or down. In addition, you can test and go live with your applications even within a few hours to perform urgent and high-priority tasks.

Improve accessibility

Cloud ERP enables users to access data from anywhere and anytime. It also helps to get end-to-end visibility of your business operations by integrating your disparate systems into one source and providing a single reporting system for all processes.

Leverage intelligent analytics

You can maximize the efficiency of vital business functions with integrated intelligent analytical tools infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) which will provide real-time data and insights for informed business decisions.

Strengthen security

Cloud ERP providers make large investments to keep your intellectual property, applications, and data safe and available without interruption. That includes redundant data centers that can take over from each other if one of them fails, secure buildings and facilities, built-in security controls, and world-class data protection technologies.

Support sustainability agenda

Organizations that value environmental sustainability should consider moving their on-premises data centers to the cloud as it has numerous benefits. Migrating to the cloud means fewer machines and less hardware, which translates into lower cooling & space requirements, reduced energy consumption, waste & carbon emissions globally.

We can guarantee you

Reliable industry expertise
Reliable industry expertise

With an average of 30+ years of industry experience, our consultants will work with you as an extension of your team. By providing a clear roadmap and managing the project deliverables under your governance, we collaborate with you on strategy development and handle complex transitions.

Eliminated project risks
Eliminated project risks

We use tried-and-tested unique deployment methodologies enhanced by strong industry expertise to align technology with your strategic goals, mitigate implementation risk and optimize software efficiency throughout the ERP lifecycle

Maximized ROI

With complete customer information at the customer service executive’s disposal, reduce the query resolution time and win customers for life

Agile deployment

We leverage our flexible implementation process to give you a customized experience as per your business requirements, optimizing the resources and time

Evergreen applications

Cloud ERP removes the need for expensive coding and constant data upgrades. Our team supports testing, deployment, and go-live of every regular update, so you don't have to think about changes and can free up resources to add strategic value to your business  

Modern operations

We guarantee the performance and stability of your digital platform by providing support, proactive monitoring and optimizing your cloud ERP system. We also help you envision and understand how technologies can support your further business goals.

Is moving to cloud ERP right for your business?

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  • Learn specific steps to take on cloud strategy development journey 
  • Know how to eliminate risks in transfer to the cloud 

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Our Cloud ERP Partners

Low-code/no-code development, advisory and governance

Discover how low-code/no-code can boost your ERP platform capabilities without the need for customizations. Identify relevant use cases while upholding robust governance.

our industry expertise

Efficient logistics, traceability, and quality assurance

Food & Beverages

End-to-end support for all Supply chain functions


Visibility and control from POS to inventory management

Retail & Fashion

Your cloud ERP journey is important to us

We are experts in designing, developing, implementing, upgrading, maintaining, and operating business-critical applications that ensure the success of your business. We will help you define and execute your digital visions so that your company remains relevant and competitive in a market with increasing competition, globalization, regulation, and disruption.

Complete your ERP strategy by working with the right digital business consultancy

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