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Elevate your cloud solutions success with managed services

Companies worldwide rely on us to ensure their cloud solutions' operational excellence and growth. Managed services facilitate successful cloud ERP and other business applications to exceed customer expectations and company goals.

Cloud advantages are impressive – when set up right. You can achieve the results you want, but you must re-imagine your approach to IT. Don’t sacrifice. Plan the processes and resources to build and operate while business continues. Seize the maximum potential of your cloud solutions – and get a return on your investment.

What we do

Run & Support

We reduce risks of downtime and maintain the highest level of security. We monitor your system and ensure everything is operational. We provide a service desk and support. The result is lower and predictable costs, better user experiences and an increase in productivity.

Grow & Adapt

We ensure your cloud applications are up-to-date, compliant, and compatible. We test updates, customizations, and third-party solutions, ensuring legal and security adherence. Simultaneously, we monitor licenses, processes, and IT alignment for seamless operation.


We enhance optimization opportunities and ensure ongoing business value growth. By bridging IT and business, we harness technology to meet goals. We strategize for efficient IT system utilization, fostering consistent business development and growth.

Value you get

Reduced costs & risks

Get flexibility in resources and predictable budget to keep your cloud solutions secure and available to your end-users and customers

Continuous innovation

We align your business needs with the latest IT trends and technologies to discover new business opportunities

Productivity & Efficiency

A stable solution and centralized processes allow your IT team to focus on innovations and your end-users to be more efficient

Access to talent

You always have access to professionals with the competencies and deep understanding of your business applications, industry, and market trends

How we work

  1. Experienced professionals work in sync with your business objectives and goals to maximize the ROI for your business.
  2. We use our well-structured and systematic implementation approach to minimize the disruption of services and enable efficient go-live for end-users and your business.
  3. You get 24/7 access to a dedicated team of senior consultants and helpdesk specialists for full control over your system.
  4. We incorporate all the ongoing updates and changes in a controlled yet agile manner so the solution is available and responsive.
  5. We help you envision and understand how technologies can support your further business goals.
  6. We constantly calibrate to deliver the outcome you expect.

Cloud operations done right

Operations adapted for the cloud age must comprise application maintenance and support, updates management and business development practices.

Read the blog

How Semler IT benefitted from Columbus Application Management Services

“Semler would like to digitize more of their work processes, which is a big mouthful to do yourself. Therefore, it makes good sense for Semler to outsource the necessary competencies in one place - namely, at Columbus. Our operating agreement ensures Semler that there is a pragmatic - and an agile - approach to tasks and possible problems.”

- Steen Elsborg Pedersen, Semler IT


Anne Grønsund

Anne Grønsund

Vice President, Customer Operations

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