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Implementing any critical business application is a huge investment. To maximize return of investment, you need to manage the business-application ecosystem to ensure 24/7 availability. You need mature processes and an upskilled team to prevent disruption in ongoing operations, while you forge ahead in your digital transformation efforts.

From solution implementation  to optimization, Columbus ensures a high ROI for you by taking a holistic approach to application management. With our experienced consultants at the forefront, gain access to round-the-clock, world-class resources and capabilities, while freeing your existing staff to focus on mission-critical objectives. 

Enhanced business value

Enable your business to be more agile, responsive, and productive. Achieve higher value realization on your business application investment. 

Improved operational stability

Minimize service disruption by effectively implementing incident, problem, change, and release management. Step up to meet customer, business and user demands.

Optimized service delivery

Personal, yet standardized, service delivery based on ITIL best practices. Global service desk, powered by ServiceNow, provides a single window to handle all transactions smoothly.

Marianne Woldbye Tholin

Application Management Expert

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A world class M3 Application Management

Columbus M3 Application Management team consists of experienced consultants with ensuring our M3 customer’s business system and surrounding application is running 24/7. Since each customer is unique we build a team around your support that knows your solution, business processes and industry independent on if you are 50 end-users or 8.000. Our decades of experience has helped us develop M3 unique services that can help your Operation team in a strengthened way.


How to implement application management effectively.

As applications become more complex, maintenance costs rise and technical expertise becomes scarce, how do organisations maintain a high level of operational efficiency? Application management is the answer.
Tip Sheet

5 tips to select the right application management partner

The right partner can help you to achieve improved service levels, scale up your business efficiency and so much more.

Why your business needs Application Management Services

A well-thought-out application management strategy provides the best conditions for maintaining a flexible and well-functioning digital foundation under virtually everything the company does.

Support 24/7 in 30 countries for Toyota Material Handling


Mowi - towards an integrated cloud solution!

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