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Fact Sheet


How do you ensure your business transformation is a success? Our Envisioning sessions will show you what to do.

Fact Sheet

Value Assessment

How do you deliver measurable value from business change programs?


‘Go-live’ is not an end state, it’s a new beginning

How to make sure that your Cloud ERP deployment evolves, drives continuous improvements, and demonstrates your competitive advantage


It’s good to know what happened, but it’s better to know what will

How to feel great about your data, and make your business more intelligent with data-driven decision making, advanced analytics and AI


Put value first and the rest will follow

How to eliminate those heart-stopping moments with strategy planning and change management for your Cloud ERP project, ensuring that value is defined with a people mindset

Industry Report

State of CRM report: Why optimizing your CRM system is key in 2022

Uncover the 4 key insights and learn how to optimize yours!

Industry Report

2022 State of sales report: What’s driving sales?

Uncover the 5 key insights and learn how your business can build customer relationships to outlast the current crises.


Salesforce Field Service: Best Practice Guide

Enhance the efficiency of your workforce with Salesforce Field Service. We can assist you with your implementation journey, offering expert advice and support throughout.


Value First workshop

In our FREE taster session, we'll walk you through a key part of our Value First approach


People & Business Change

Tackle change management the right way by following our recommended roadmap


The Value First approach

At Columbus, our aim is to guide and support your change and transformation initiatives. Our value first framework will help you ensure successful value management

Cheat Sheet

The Executive's cheat sheet to digital transformation

From the trends impacting today's businesses to the importance of value creation, get digital transformation-savvy with our resource


Future-proof your commerce with a Modern Commerce Architecture!


Keeping customers for life: A guide

Discover the perfect partnership between customer service and sales


Four ways of utilizing modern and flexible technology to future-proof your business

The Guide to Modern commerce - MACH architecture


How does a CRM system fit into your ERP puzzle?

The Guide to CRM-ERP integrations

Fact Sheet

Create a connected project-centric business to run your project-based services organisation, all in one solution.

Product Factsheet


It's time for manufacturers to start prioritizing customer engagement!

CXE Manufacturing Guide


The ColumbusCast Podcast - What is customer experience (CX)?

CXE Podcast


How can you ensure your CRM implementation project is a success?

CRM implementation guide


Are you ready to learn how you can choose the right CRM system?

Right CRM system


How do you maximize the ROI of your CRM system?

Our guide cover 12 steps to effective CRM data and improve overall data quality


The ultimate guide to customer service and experience.

Learn how to pave your way to deliver an outstanding customer service & experience


Columbus launches remote business application implementation services.

Business Application Services

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