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Columbus was one of the first companies to partner with Commercetools in the Nordic region, and since then, we have certified consultants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Poland.

Our partnership with Commercetools

We help future-proof your company's customer experience with Commercetools, the leading platform for cloud-based e-commerce. With innovative solutions and a flexible architecture, Commercetools enables seamless and customized customer experiences for businesses in all industries.

Why Commercetools?

Easy integration with existing systems

  • Provides a robust set of APIs that enable easy integration with existing systems and third-party applications.

  • Customizes and extends e-commerce functionality according to specific requirements.

  • Enables agility and scalability in the development of e-commerce solutions.


Personalized customer experiences via "headless" architecture

  • Separates frontend and backend, providing greater flexibility and faster innovation.

  • Delivers consistent and personalized customer experiences across different channels, such as web, mobile, voice assistants, and IoT devices.

Microservices architecture

  • Modular approach where commerce functions are independent and separated into individual services.

  • Facilitates the updating of specific components without affecting the entire system.

  • Flexible and scalable solution to handle varying requirements and changing business needs.

Comprehensive functionality

  • Customizable features tailored to specific business needs.

  • Manages your entire digital business efficiently and seamlessly. Tailored e-commerce solutions.

Tailored e-commerce solutions

  • A wide range of customizable features, workflows, business rules, and user interfaces.

  • Adapts the platform to conform to a unique brand profile, business processes, and customer experiences.

Cloud-based computing

  • Harnesses all the advantages of cloud-based computing.

  • Seamless integration with major cloud providers.

  • Spreads infrastructure across multiple cloud environments, minimizing the risk of downtime and providing optimal performance.

White paper

Moving from a monolithic commerce platform to Commercetools

This report guides IT architects and their teams through the platform migration from an older monolithic e-commerce platform to Commercetools.
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A customized offering with Commercetools, Klevu, Vue Storefront, and Contentful that can become your new competitive advantage.
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Popular products for Commercetools

Are you interested in learning more about Klevu, Alokai, or Contentful? Contact us, and we'll provide more information!


An advanced e-commerce search engine with fast and accurate search, product recommendations, and tailored solutions to optimize the website and increase sales.


Flexible and responsive e-commerce platform built on Vue.js and PWA technology. The platform offers a seamless shopping experience across different channels and devices and can integrate with various backend systems.


Flexible and scalable content management platform (CMS) that simplifies the creation and distribution of content across different channels and devices.

Maximized customer value

Adding value with Headless Commerce, API's and MACH™

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Trailblazing e-commerce

How to digitallly transform your business

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Robin Slotts

Robin Slotts

Partner Manager

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