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Today, we are the market-leading supplier of Litium, and our consultants have in-depth knowledge and expertise of their platform. In fact, our ties with Litium run deep, as Columbus purchased their consulting business in 2013 when Litium decided to become a pure product company.

If you opt for Litium as your e-commerce platform, you will be assured of a seamless implementation with us. With our experience and expertise, we can ensure that you have the best possible support from our dedicated team throughout your e-commerce journey. We can even support further development as per your business requirements.

Our e-commerce expertise ranges from creating simple websites to large global e-commerce sites with advanced product configurations. Today, we are working with some of Sweden's well-known brands, such as Jollyroom, Teknikmagasinet, and Strålfors.

Please reach out to us for any information you require about Litium. In case we do not have the information, we will work on getting it for you.

10+ years of experience

200+ specialists in digital commerce

50+ customers using Litium

Value Now for Litium

Begin your e-commerce journey with ease, speed, and security. Value Now for Litium, which is based on the Litium Accelerator, enables you to quickly implement an e-commerce solution. The Litium Accelerator offers a combination of e-commerce, CMS, and PIM systems, which are scalable and flexible.

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Customer-Centric E-Commerce for the B2B Sector

Our customer-centric e-commerce solution includes inbound as part of the marketing mix. With the inbound method of marketing, you can drive more traffic with organic marketing, strengthen your brand, develop customer relationships, and increase the revenue from existing customers.

We use Hubspot as the market engine for 'Inbound methodology' and Lithium as our standard e-commerce system.

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Dan Andersson

Dan Andersson

Customer Experience Expert

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