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3 technologies shaping the future of the food industry

Customers want more out of their food products, placing pressure on businesses to adapt their...

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The return of food to go

Despite the recent economic setbacks, the food to go market is recovering quicker than expected. We...

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COLUMBUSCAST: What strides is the food sector taking to reduce waste?

It’s said 70% of transformations fail because companies don’t clarify the value they want to...

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COLUMBUSCAST: The rise of veganism and its impact on food supply chains

With veganism on the rise as a result of people becoming more health conscious, we discuss the...

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Overcoming food safety challenges in the plant-based industry

The plant-based industry is booming globally. But as public concern over food safety increases,...

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Waste not, want not: The true impact of food waste reduction

Waste reduction is one of the biggest challenges the food industry faces. What can organisations do...

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