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Head of Columbus Care & Columbus Denmark

Marianne Woldbye Tholin

Marianne Woldbye Tholin is Head of Columbus Care globally and Columbus Denmark. Marianne's experience ranges from start-up companies through acquisitions for operational optimization. She always focuses on achieving the maximum potential of people and resources to create sustainable change and value. Marianne has developed, built and transformed IT service companies for more than 25 years. She has significant experience and has previously held senior positions in KMD, Trgy Insurance, Tieto Norway and India. Marianne holds a Master of Engineering - Computer Science.

Head of Columbus Sweden

Markus Jakobson

Markus is Head of Columbus Sweden. Markus was previously the Nordic Head of Intentia Consulting Sweden AB and previously had various positions in management, marketing and sales at Intentia and IBM Svenska AB.

Head of Columbus Norway

Erling Schjetne

Erling Schjetne is Head of Columbus Norway. He started working for iStone (now Columbus) in 2014 and has held the position as Head for Columbus´ Commerce operation in Norway, building it from scratch since 2014. He also initiated and built Columbus’ operation in Poland serving as managing director in Columbus Poland for 2 years.

Erling has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry with various sales & management positions in companies such as Unisys, Hands, Software Innovation, WebOn and iStone.

Head of Customer Experience & Engagement & Columbus UK

Chris Mean

Chris Mean is Head of Customer Experience & Engagement globally and Head of Columbus UK . He was previously the Chief Operating Officer at Columbus UK. Chris has been with Columbus since 2005 and prior to that he was with Ford Motor Company. Chris has over 20 years of international experience in business and technology transformation projects and is driven by delivering value to customers. He holds a Masters degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and has a strong background in process, manufacturing and program management.

Head of Infor M3

Tina Algkvist

Tina Algkvist is Head of Columbus' M3 business globally and has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, especially in the ERP business. She brings considerable experience within leadership, customer focus and international IT project management.

Tina holds a B.Sc. Science in System Analysis as well as Executive Master of Business Administration.  Her previous roles include Senior Director with Infor Consulting Services, Merit Globe Services and Connecta AB.

Head of Dynamics365

Steen Hybschmann

Steen Hybschmann is Head of Columbus' Dynamics365 business globally. He started working for Columbus in 2010. Steen has more than 20 years of international experience in delivering advanced IT solutions to corporate customers. He has previously held senior roles in Mondo, SAP Consulting and JAI. Steen has a ME from the Technical University of Denmark and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

Head of Digital Commerce

Andreas Olldén

Andreas is Head of Digital Commerce globally. Andreas has built the business from scratch and is currently leading a team of 140 specialists - one of the Nordic countries largest consulting businesses in this expansive area. Andreas has a background as CIO at Systemair AB and consultant manager at Intentia Consulting Sweden AB.

Head of Columbus Care M3 & Commerce

Rickard Schlyter

Rickard Schlyter is Head of Columbus Care M3 business globally. Rickard has together with his experienced team built a world leading AMS M3/Commerce business with global coverage 24/7 365. Rickard has 35 years’ experience from the IT/ERP Industry. Rickard was previously Nordic Service Director for Intentia Consulting Sweden AB.

Head of Data & Analytics

Lena Ridström

Lena Ridström is Head of Data & Analytics globally. Lena has more than 25 years of leadership experience from the IT industry. She has previously been in leadership roles as CEO of Primalog Software, CEO UnitedLog Group, Founder of Axido Consulting and Sales Director at IFS Sweden. Lena holds a Master of Science in Business Administration as well as an Information Technology degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


Head of Columbus Global Delivery Center

Kapil Mishra

Kapil is Head of Columbus Global Delivery and has been part of Columbus since 2012, laying essential foundations for future success. With over 24 years of global leadership experience spanning Manufacturing, Distribution, and IT Consulting industries, Kapil brings considerable internal and external expertise to the role. In his role, he is responsible for driving the adoption of Global Delivery for Columbus and its customers, incubate new capabilities, and ensure growth in the Global Delivery centers.

Kapil holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai, India.

Head of Columbus Russia

Denis Storozhenko

Denis is Head of Columbus Russia. Dennis started working in Columbus Russia in 2000 as a consultant and then took the role of head of consulting business. He worked for the company for 12 years to manage large projects in retail, distribution and manufacturing.

Denis has been involved in the recruitment and development of consultants and project managers. He has actively contributed to the creation of industry-specific methods and innovative solutions, especially with the development of Columbus retail solutions. Before Denis joined Columbus, he worked as Regional Manager at Yota Networks (a global leader in the LTE sector).

Head of SMB Division of Columbus US

Thomas Hauge

Thomas Hauge, CFO & VP for the SMB Division of Columbus US. Thomas joined Columbus in 1993 and from a leadership position quickly began the expansion of the organization throughout Europe and following a successful IPO later established Columbus in North American market. Thomas Hauge holds a M.Sc in Finance, Computer Science and International Business Relations from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Head of Enterprise Division of Columbus US

Paul Gomez

Paul Gomez is the CEO & VP for the Enterprise Division of Columbus US. Paul joined Columbus in 2019 and has more than 30 years of industry and consulting experience, primarily in ERP consulting leadership, program and project management, and operational performance.   Paul holds a Masters in Management as well as a Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Finance. He previously served in leadership roles at Hitachi Solutions, IBM and Arthur Andersen.

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