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What makes a leader great?

The leadership is often what makes or breaks how happy the employees are at a company. This is a fact: several studies and surveys show the importance of having great leaders as well as values.

As many as 57% of employees report that they have left their job because of their manager. You might even be one of them, in which case, we hope that you will find your next step with us at Columbus.

We have developed our leadership principles to create a culture where you can thrive and grow every day – and lead others to do the same.

Everyone can be a leader

The principles are for everyone.
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You are an activator for transformation.
Be the change you want to see.
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You can take the first step towards great leadership today!
Columbus' Values

Our values and leadership principles go hand in hand

A great leader without values is like a lighthouse without a light. This is why our leadership principles are, just like everything else at Columbus, based on our four core values: Stay Curious, Build Trust, Collaborate, and Deliver Customer Success.
Our values are the foundation of our ways of working, and our leadership principles aims to give further guidance and act as a complement covering all aspects of leadership. Together, they shape the culture we strive to embody at Columbus.

Our 3 leadership pillars

Our principles are divided into three parts: Strategy, Operations, and People. Learn more about how we work with each of them below. 

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Columbus' 6 leadership principles


Understand the bigger picture

  • As Columbus leaders we are guided by our purpose and values, and we seek the best ways to execute upon our strategy and deliver customer success. We think ahead of our own tasks and immediate teams and consider implications and changes in a proactive manner. 

Build for the future

  • We continuously improve our ways of working, processes, and methods to secure our organizational resilience. The starting point for initiatives and activities is our purpose, vision and strategy. 

Dare to advise

  • We capitalize on our curiosity and continuously learn and build deep knowledge and understanding of our customers’ challenges and the world we act in. We are also coaching and supporting our employees to be trusted advisors – we succeed together.

Make it easy for all to do a good job

  • We collaborate to improve our operations and maximize value, and we constantly strive to set up the next person in the chain of work for success. We listen and we understand peoples unique needs and challenges.

Induce energy

  • We collaborate to improve our operations and maximize value, and we constantly strive to set up the next person in the chain of work for success. By doing this, we deliver customer success while developing as a company.

Care for People

  • We act and communicate with transparency and involve people in our daily operations. As leaders we secure a sustainable and inclusive environment where people can perform at their best and contribute to our common purpose.

Meet our leaders

Learn more about a few of our leaders and board members at Columbus. 


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