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Do you share our values?

Our values are Stay Curious, Build Trust, Collaborate, and Deliver Customer Success. They were carefully selected by the people we trust the most: our colleagues all over the globe! Because of this, our values represent both how we act today, and how we want to act and work together in the future. 

By working on living our values, we create the foundation for a place people want to be a part of and collaborate with as a customer or partner. Hopefully you will be able to see this! We strongly believe that happy colleagues deliver better results for our customers. Our values provide guidance in that direction, our guiding stars. 

Why are values important to us?

Values bind us together
Values guide us on our strategic journey
Values empower us as individuals
Values support our purpose
Stay curious

We are explorers! 

  • We study and learn to develop ourselves to feel happy and fulfilled at work, and to better serve our customers
  • We always keep our minds open and find new possibilities
  • We dare to challenge ourselves and others. 
Build Trust

We’ve got each other’s backs!

  • We are proactive, take responsibility, and deliver what we promise
  • We communicate quickly, clearly telling it like it is
  • We listen, we ask, we challenge, and we give advice.

We win and we lose together!

  • We are always a team, no matter who we work with 
  • We embrace diversity and respect each other
  • We add and create value, get things done, and have fun - together. 
Deliver Customer Success

It’s how we make a difference in the world! 

  • We guide, develop, and transform our customers 
  • We add value and create business results
  • We build lasting relationships.

How do we live by our values? 

We live by our values by using them in everyday conversations, decisions, and processes. They are more than posters on our walls: we are getting them down from the walls, into our minds.

Kapil Mishra, Columbus India:

It’s vital to put trust first - as the first step with our people and our customers. By doing so, we will achieve greater growth.


Andrée Forsberg, Columbus Sweden:

I would say that staying curious and building trust is the basis, the foundation, of everything I do.


Carla Owens, Columbus UK:
Delivering customer success is not just about delivering what the customer asks for, but providing what will add value to their business.


Marit Svendsbø, Columbus Norway:

By collaborating and sharing knowledge, we find the best solutions and in turn deliver successful projects for us and our customers. 


Our values also serve as a foundation for our leadership principles.

Our belief is that leaders could pave the way for others – which is why we have developed specific leadership principles for everyone at Columbus.

Learn about our leadership principles

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