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Why Measuring Every KPI is Not the Best Practice

2 min

BI solution can help you significantly only when you focus on a few business-critical KPIs and use the unlocked insights to better your business.

How to Ensure a Seamless User Adoption When Implementing Data & AI Solutions?

2 min

User adoption of Data & AI Solution’s implementation partner equal responsibility and create data-driven culture. Learn Columbus’ user adoption approach.

Why is Gartner’s TechQuilibrium Relevant to Data-driven Companies?

2 min

Gartner’s TechQuilibrium emphasizes data-driven organizations use of equilibrium points to balance human factors & digitalization to execute business plans

The truth is in there – Improving business performance with process mining

With a relatively small footprint and plenty of low-hanging fruit, process mining can be your introduction to the world of Big Data.

How we rescued a failing migration project with data profiling

A migration project where everything first went awry, then worked out, and finally became a valuable example of the importance of thorough data profiling.

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