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Columbus is committed to driving positive social and environmental change on a global scale. Our purpose statement; “Digital transformation for a better tomorrow” sets the direction for our business and expresses how Columbus will create a better tomorrow for our employees, our customers, and the world. 

The commitment to run a sustainable business is deeply rooted in our DNA. Columbus has been a part of the United Nations Global Compact Network since 2012. As a part of this commitment, we are aligning our business goals with the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.
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Columbus supports the
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through our United Nations SDG targets, we commit to achieving gender equality and ensure high quality work conditions for our people; help our customer run a sustainable business by providing innovative digital solutions and reduce our environmental footprint.

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Embracing these five UN SDGs will give us a unique opportunity to cohesively drive societal change and ensure sustainable business growth.

Gender Equality-1


We commit to achieving gender equality and continue to increase the proportion of women in Columbus.

Decent Work-1


We ensure high-quality work and safe working conditions for our people and we strive to foster an inclusive workplace where people thrive and grow with equal career opportunities for all.

Industry Innovation


We help our customers modernize their infrastructure by building new, innovative digital solutions that help our customers run a sustainable business.

Responsible Consumption-1


We ensure waste generation reduction through recycling and reuse in our offices globally. We develop innovative digital solutions that will help our customers enable sustainable production patterns.

Climate Action-1


We reduce our environmental footprint globally by reducing flight travel, recycle and optimize our consumption and energy mix.

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