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Customers today demand a consistent and seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and a more proactive and efficient customer self-service. They want to be engaged and inspired.

This means that companies and distributors, like yourself, are facing extreme pressure to improve their digital maturity and meet ever-evolving customer expectations. The challenge doesn’t just lie in mapping the full customer journey: it’s also about effectively engaging with your customers at all touchpoints.

Service Areas

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Here to help you to fulfil your digital transformation journey! When it comes to digital transformation, we, at Columbus, will be with you every step of the way. We will guide you in creating and transforming your digital strategy so you can benefit from a more flexible, agile, and customer-centric approach.

Our aim is to help you deliver stable and seamless solutions to your customers through integrations and automation with the least possible friction. This will help you provide an enhanced customer experience, which will further boost your brand image, attract new customers, increase sales, and foster lifelong loyalty.

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Value, Growth & Experiences

We would like to be a true advisor for you. From establishing your vision to optimizing the site based on findings in your data.

Value mean different things for the companies we work with. We engage with your key stakeholders to understand what the drivers are in your company, identify where value can be unlocked and create an aligned and strategic roadmap.

We also help you to maximize commercial outcomes such as sales and customer retention. By using a data-led approach, we provide insights about how to make your customers’ experience delightful with  guidance on how to continuously optimize your solution to increase value and ROI. Our delivery is based on a set of well-documented processes and a group of true specialists and advisors.


Based on solid best practice we guide you through all areas to establish a commerce solution adapted to your needs for the future.

Our approach considers the people, business, processes and technologies required to create rich content, drive actions from analytics, deliver pricing and promotion changes, acquire and retain customers.

We put the customer at the heart of what we do and consider each of their touchpoints throughout the customer buying journey. We collaborate with selected best-of-breeds partners to successfully deliver outstanding commerce solutions.


Customer Portals

We guide and help you to mature and grow.

Our Portal offer is the next evolution forward from a Commerce solution. A Portal maps the procurement process of a buyer group, digitizes sales processes and supports companies with after-sales activities and the provision of digital services. It also simplifies every-day work for customers and creates efficiencies in sales administration.


Corporate or Brand Website

Good story-telling breaks down barriers and builds relationships.

A corporate or brand site with the ability to tell stories about your brand, your products and your mission is critical in order to create experiences that connect with customers. Whether you have Commerce capabilities or not, the experiences that you create online can create a deep and powerful influence on the way that customers perceive your company.

We help you to create the solution, optimize marketing operations, create digital services and continuously experiment to create an optimized site and communication that strengthen the customer relationship throughout the customer life cycle.

Modern Architechture & Integration

To future-proof your business, technologies and solutions that comprise your platform must interoperate seamlessly, smoothly and simultaneously extract value from your data.

This enables new services to be deployed faster, and more easily, utilizing the enormous value that lies in an ever-increasing amount of data. To succeed, you need an agile, skilled and knowledgeable technology partner who can advise on technologies, migration and business strategies while also implementing and making each system to work together. We are truly advisors and believers in modern commerce architecture based on microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless.

The future of Modern Commerce is Composable Commerce

Image, text or whatever... It’s a free country.

The Digital Journey

We help you from start to finish in delivering and helping you develop concept strong B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions that will raise the value of your business, sales and service level.


Columbus helps organizations with strategy services to provide strategic direction, clarity, for your goals & helps to capitalize on new opportunities, drive growth and innovation while mitigating risks and delivering value. From strategy to execution. 

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Webinar: How retailers can boost conversions during a recession

Over the past years we have seen online sales decreasing, cost increasing and retailers are facing significant challenges. We also see proven strategies becoming too expensive and not delivering the same results as before. On the other hand, we see new strategies and tools that give us new opportunities..

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn  where to focus and to find short-term quick wins and why you should capitalize on your own data first.


Unwrap Digital Commerce Prepare

Columbus Digital Commerce Prepare, is designed to help you have your strategic roadmap.

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