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The Power Platform breaks down barriers between IT and business, creating new possibilities for growth. Whether you're a medium-sized enterprise or a global corporation, we can help you identify Power Platform use cases that generate new value and ensure robust governance. With the ability to create custom applications, automate processes, deploy powerful virtual agents, and extract insights from data, this complete suite helps your organization to succeed in today's tech-driven world.

Power Platform portfolio

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       Power BI                                               Power Apps                                        Power Automate                                      Power Virtual Agents                                   Power Pages

Main reasons to choose Microsoft Power Platform

Low-code development

  • No coding experience is required for building applications and automating processes
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates help to prototype & deploy apps, reducing development time and costs


Seamless integration

  • Smooth data flow and real-time collaboration via connections with Microsoft 365, Azure services, Dynamics 365 & common data sources 
  • Seamless integration with  third-party services and other platforms

Scalability and security

  • Robust security measures  to ensure data protection and compliance for mission-critical applications
  • Centralized management and monitoring tools to simplify governance

Power Platform advisory

Before diving into the world of Power Platform, we believe in taking the essential step of discovery and value mapping. Our experts help you explore real-life use cases that will drive your business forward and rank them based on their impact and complexity. We map these ideas to the possibilities of Power Platform and collaborate with you to build a comprehensive strategy from both business and tech perspectives, ensuring seamless path forward.

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Power Platform governance

Finding the right balance between low-code / no-code governance and freedom for innovation is vital. Whether you opt for ongoing collaboration with our experts or choose our intensive one-week delivery with multiple workshops, our governance services ensure that your Power Platform journey is efficient and secure. The collaborative experience helps your team to learn more about the Power Platform possibilities and its governance, enabling a setup for your Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE).

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Offerings & Services

Intelligent Business Automation

Identify, prototype & implement high-value use cases


Build apps in a day

Hands-on experience of building apps without coding​


Power Platform governance

Recurring or one-time CoE and Governance setup​



Organizations are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to improve productivity and operations. Microsoft’s Power Platform has emerged as a game-changer in this regard, helping businesses create custom applications and automate workflows relatively easily. However, to fully capitalize on the Power Platform, careful planning and strategy are essential. In this Q&A blog, we sit down with Tobias Andersson, Senior Advisor Strategy & Change at Columbus, to discuss some of the common challenges organizations face while starting to use the Power Platform and insights on how you can pave the way for successful adoption of the Power Platform.
Companies in the food and beverage industry can use the Power Platform to improve food safety, the supply chain and operations on the shopfloor. Here are 11 common use cases and a methodology on how to move forward.
Sometimes the key to achieving greater momentum lies in removing obstacles. Empowering your team by eliminating the barriers that slow them down, and freeing them up to use more of their talents for higher and better purposes. Reduced friction for your team translates into more traction for your business.

Columbus – a trusted Dynamics 365 partner

With a team of professionals specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, strategy and change management, we deliver consulting services across various business scales. Our experts work alongside you to enhance essential business operations and maximize outcomes. From helping you select the right Dynamics 365 platform features to smooth implementation, we guide you through your digital journey, covering licensing, customization, integration, and ongoing operations.

Our industry expertise

Efficient logistics, traceability and quality assurance

Food & Beverages

End-to-end support for all Supply chain functions


Visibility and control from POS to inventory management

Retail & Fashion

Jesper Lillelund

Jesper Lillelund

Power Platform Director

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