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The global shrimp industry, Stella Polaris, has chosen Columbus Norway as the supplier for the development of their new technology platform.

In their search for a future-oriented cloud solution, Norway's largest shrimp factory, Stella Polaris, has chosen Columbus and Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage. This will support Stella's strategy to grow and evolve based on integrated industry solutions for the food and beverage industry.

We have a long-term development perspective and were looking for a technology platform that can support and ensure efficient processes, gather accurate data for good management and follow-up across all parts of the business, as well as an automated and optimized production, says Tom Harry Klausen, Chief Financial Officer at Stella Polaris.

We chose Columbus because of their expertise and ability to deliver a system that meets our needs, says Klausen.


Picture: Production in Kårvikhavn. 

A forward-looking perspective

Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, a industry-specific solution for the food and beverage industry, is offering a standardized multi-tenant cloud solution. This ensures quality control and efficiency throughout the entire value chain.

This solution will provide the company with a solid foundation to meet their current needs while accommodating future developments, regardless of how the industry changes, explains Mads Stenbye, Head of Service Development, Business Line M3.

Stenbye emphasizes that the so-called best practices in food production are already incorporated into the industry solution. Therefore, Columbus can assist Stella Polaris in determining the functionality and necessary adjustments to fully align with their processes and needs. Equally important is ensuring  the solution is effectively adopted by the users at Stella Polaris.

It's a bit like when a company needs a new home. We don't build it from scratch, instead we move it into good, existing frameworks and only need to rearrange a few partitions, explains Stenbye.


Picture: Fresh sandwich served by Stella Polaris.

Multi-tenant means that a single software solution and its infrastructure can be used by multiple customers. In that way customers can share the same software and database, but each customer's data is isolated and invisible to other customers who have access to the same software and database solution.

This provides the advantage to the customer that integration with other systems is easier and the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower compared to competitors.

Ambition to grow the business

Stella Polaris produces cold-water shrimp and supplies cooked, peeled, and frozen shrimp to grocery storesand industries worldwide. The factory began as a traditional fish pier in 1968 and has now evolved into a fully automated production with a primary focus on sustainability and food safety.

– The automation and standardization contribute to ensuring quality and sustainable production. In our production process, the shrimp remain untouched by human hands from the moment the frozen raw material is fed into the thawing unit until the shrimp are ready for packaging. We also emphasize close follow-up and information flow with our customers to maintain a high level of delivery reliability and predictability, explains Klausen.


Picture: Automated shrimp factory.

A clear growth ambition has necessitated the renewal of several administrative data solutions, ensuring their integration as an integral part of the company's overall systems landscape.

With Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, Stella Polaris will be able to, among other things, trace the final product back to the specific boat from which the shrimp originated.

It will be a significant advantage for those monitoring quality to efficiently track all production processes and detect any errors that could potentially lead to recalls, says Stenbye.


Want to know more? Contact our Senior Account Executive, Per Christian Karlsen:

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