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A quick and efficient integration between Infor M3 and Salesforce

It is a necessity for most companies to be able to easily transfer customer information, and information about prices and products between different systems. However, when there is no integration between the business system and a company’s CRM system (Customer Relationship Management), employees need to transfer information manually, something that costs time, resources and increases the margin of error. 

Columbus’ ready-made template for integrations between the Salesforce CRM system and Infor M3 makes it possible to easily transfer information while reducing the implementation time. We can also make configurations to meet your company’s unique requirements.


Simplified customer and account integration
Simplified customer and account integration

With an integration in place, your customer data will automatically be sent between both systems. The standard procedure is that a customer account is first created in Salesforce, usually as a lead, and then forwarded to Infor M3 when the account has become a customer. You then create a flexible customer journey and make it easier for your employees to maintain their customer relationships.

Automatic updates of prices and products
Automatic updates of prices and products

Price lists and information about your products are sent automatically to Salesforce from Infor M3. This means that you get all prices in both systems. The exchange rate can also be updated continuously, for example every day or every five minutes.

Information about offers and orders where necessary
Information about offers and orders where necessary

If you create a quote in Infor M3, it is then forwarded to Salesforce, where, for example, your sales team can receive it. You can also send orders between the systems.

More functions
More development awaits you

During 2022, additional functions within finance will be developed.

How do you create a Salesforce & Infor M3 integration?

Niklas Larsson is our Solution Architect behind the Salesforce integration template for Infor M3. In this article, he shares his insights about how it all started.

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Five major advantages:

  • ✓  You get the right information in both systems and minimize the risk of errors.
  • ✓  You save time during implementation - It’s 50% faster with our ready-made template.
  • ✓  You get a better user experience in both Salesforce and Infor M3.
  • ✓  You save costs when your employees do not need to transfer information manually.
  • ✓  The customer experience is improved when your employees have access to the right information.

Downloadable technical description

Find out if our solution is the right choice for you and your organisation.

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Johan Lundkvist

Johan Lundkvist

Want to know more about how we work with Salesforce and Infor M3?

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