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Ready for take off? 🚀

Going fully composable can seem like a dismaying adventure. Much like assembling a puzzle without knowing what it should look like at the end, the task sure can seem unconquerable. That is where we enter the picture. 

We urge you to unleash your full commerce potential with our Columbus N3XT® accelerator that launches your organization into the composable commerce arena with best-of-breed systems, pre-built modular architecture, and pre-selected leading partners Commercetools, Klevu, Vue Storefront and Contentful.

Our Columbus N3XT® accelerator is your user manual, guide, and map. Test-wise, we have ensured that all the pieces work together for a seamless experience — so you don’t have to worry about that. This doesn’t mean you can’t change pieces of the puzzle in the future —but it will give you a solid start and a strong platform for your MACH-based composable strategy.

N3XT Composable Commerce (Illustration)

Get ready to future-proof your business digitally with the flexibility and scalability you needto keep up with changing consumer trends and behavior.


Robin Slotts round

"Columbus N3XT® is based on a flexible MACH architecture where you can change pieces of the puzzle when you need to adapt your solution to your business objectives."

Robin Slotts
Head of Partners, Digital Commerce

How does N3XT® work?

Built on a composable architecture with best-of-breed technology

Integrated services and integrations to make data flow between systems

A DevOps foundation to enable technical teams to onboard faster

✓ Accelerators and technical best practices to speed up implementation

Kickstart your NEXT journey

What is included?

  • Accelerator – based on a flexible and saleable composable architecture and three main business components – commerce, content management, search and a storefront.
  • Add-ons – based on your objectives you add business components as product information management (PIM), search & recommendations, payment or other components.
  • Site performance – delivering speed and stability even during high peaks.
  • Customer experience – seamless customer experiences built on the latest best practice and technology.
  • Integrations – pre-defined integrations to facilitate communication between systems or Columbus Modern Service Platform as an integration & data platform for extra speed and flexibility in innovation.
  • Project optimization – Back-end tools, methodology and best practices to increase speed in delivery.

A collaboration with world-leading Partners


A world’s leading commerce platform built on modern MACH Principles
allowing you to work with your commerce solution and create
tailored customer experiences.

Klevu (Logo)

Klevu is an AI-based search and discovery experience platform that creates unparalleled customer experience by driving traffic, conversion, and loyalty for ecommerce websites.


An open-source frontend for any eCommerce,
built with a PWA and headless approach.


Contentful is an API-based headless content management platform
where you can create, manage, and publish content
on any of your digital channels.

eCommerce is part of an everlasting journey

Increasing competition and rising customer expectations mean companies need to be fast and flexible. At Columbus, we stay at the forefront of technical developments and continuously bring on best-of-breed tools and develop skillsets that last.

What we do

Dan Andersson

Dan Andersson

Head of Strategy and Service Development, Digital Commerce

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