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Organizations around the world are increasingly looking to move their on-prem infrastructure to the cloud and reap the benefits of modern SaaS and PaaS solutions. However, a general concern is that the migration will disrupt their existing services, extend downtime, and increase the risk of errors. Without skilled resources or the absence of a trusted partner to manage the migration, a transition project is overwhelming.

This is where Columbus’ Azure Cloud Infrastructure Transition Service comes in.

Our structured, lift and shift approach enables you to migrate your on-prem infrastructure components and other workloads to the cloud at your own pace. This phased, step-by-step approach means you can continue to use your existing applications, integrations, customizations, functionalities, and workflows as-is while leveraging the cloud benefits.

If you want to reap the full benefits of the cloud environment from day one, we help you re-architect (refactor) your applications, infrastructure, and workloads. The re-architecture provides you access to modern workflows and features that make your business agile, scalable, and future-ready.

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Streamline transition
Migrate one service at a time and re-architect your infrastructure components—workloads, applications, operating systems, networks, servers, and onsite data assets—at your own pace. Depending on the complexity of your on-prem infrastructure, we advise the best approach, prepare a detailed roadmap, and handhold you throughout your cloud journey.

Ensure compliance
Ensure compliance
As Microsoft manages the Azure infrastructure, your valuable enterprise data and business assets are protected by intelligent threat detection and response tools, advanced security controls, and customized hardware and firmware components. This multi-layered protection means your organization always adheres to the industry regulatory mandates, corporate policies, and information security requirements.

Increase efficiency
Increase efficiency 
The cloud infrastructure gives you an option to use your third-party Office 365, SQL Servers, security applications, hardware, networks, on-prem facilities, and other IT-related equipment as a service. Add new applications, capabilities, and integrations by leveraging IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, depending on your business need.

Jan Van Hauen

Jan Van Hauen

Infrastructure Management Expert

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