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Hi Enertech!

Boost growth and efficiency of your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

You have a big decision coming up about your ERP platform, and we understand the stakes. As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of sustainable energy solutions with nearly a century of experience, we know you don't leave success to chance. Experience our commitment to providing you the results you want in the most low-risk, predictable and effective way possible.

We're already in the business of knowing your business

Embarking on a digital transformational journey can be like entering uncharted territory. Choose the right navigator.

With our extensive collaboration with NIBE Group, we have a 360-degree understanding of your industry and organization. Our track record speaks for itself, with successful delivery of business-critical systems and solutions. We offer a rigorous ERP project method that guarantees long-term success beyond technology. From change management to licensing, customizations, integration, support, and maintenance, we're with you all the way for a smooth transition.

Why you should join forces with us

A trusted Dynamics 365 ERP Consulting Partner

Our streamlined end-to-end process, powered by our deep consultancy and industry expertise, is designed to drive business transformation, growth, and profitability through our custom-developed solutions on the Microsoft stack. As a two-time winner of the Microsoft Dynamics’ Partner of the Year, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver valuable solutions to our customers.

Customized Solutions

Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to develop a customized solution that addresses your unique needs and goals. We believe that a tailored approach and proven method is essential.From selecting the features and customizations to implementing them efficiently, we will support you throughout your ERP implementation journey

Commitment to Your Success

Our commitment to your ERP journey extends beyond going live. The true measure of success lies in post-implementation efficiency and stability. With Columbus Care you can ensure technical and organizational continuity, minimize performance variance, and optimize your operations while maximizing their ROI on cloud applications.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Optimize Financial Operations

  • Reliable customer payment predictions, effective cash flow management and forecasting
  • Real-time financial visibility across the company to drive timely, data-driven decisions
  • Indirect procurement spending control & expenses management with assigned policies and fast approvals 

Protect Your Revenue

  • Accurate project quotes, forecasting, estimation, scope, and contract management
  • Reduced retention & optimal employee efficiency, quality of work, project delivery
  • Minimized loss in revenue due to payment fraud, associated operations costs and wrongful rejections

Adapt Quickly & Reduce Costs

  • Effective credit and collections management
  • Quick adaption to changing regulations like tax, reporting, e-invoicing, payments & business documents
  • Easy system customization & integration eliminating data silos and broken processes

Empower workforce

  • Single source of truth application supported through advanced analytics and insights
  • Intelligent tools and applications that improve and replace manual business processes
  • Collaboration and real-time task alignment amongst workers and across the business

Enhance Supply Chain Visibility

  • End to end visibility of your supply chain and upstream & downstream impact prediction
  • Precise demand planning with better alignment between Operations and Commercial teams
  • Cross channel inventory visibility with real-time insight into product location & stock levels

Build Agile Planning & Distribution

  • On-Time product delivery by real-time supply optimizations, production planning & assets predictive maintenance
  • Optimized sourcing and fulfillment strategy with a fast & sophisticated supplier qualification process
  • Accurate merchandise planning by visibility over retailers stock



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Migration to cloud in a manner that suits your business needs

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Mikael Carle

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