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Dear Epiroc,

Revolutionize Your Digital Experience Program with Columbus

You have a big decision coming up about you choosing the right partner for your Digital Experience Program, and we understand the stakes. Just as you promise your clients to count on you listen to their needs and respond with leading-edge solutions - you can call on us to co-create your digital transformation journey and get the results you want in the most low-risk, predictable and effective way possible.

Welcome to Epiroc's Digital Experience Program page

Let's work together to create your digital strategy, with a roadmap that prioritizes value, agility, and customer-centricity.

Today's customers demand a seamless experience across all touchpoints, and efficient self-service options. Global manufacturers like Epiroc face immense pressure to improve digital maturity and meet evolving customer expectations. Your future business model demands a flexible and scalable solution to efficiently serve different segments. It's not just about mapping the customer journey, but engaging with them at every touchpoint to create a true omnichannel experience. 

Our commitment is to improve your customer experience, streamline operations, and boost revenue. Explore how to build a modern commerce powerhouse that sets your business apart.

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Section 1

Understanding Modern Commerce

Dive deep into the evolution of composable commerce and how to unlock the potential for Epiroc.

Section 2

Manufacturing Insights

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest trends to your advantage and build a thriving business.

Section 3

Customer Success Stories

You are the company you keep! Here's how other leading manufacturers are driving business value.


The Digital Journey

Transforming your business for the digital age can be a daunting task. What is your next step? How do you start making changes – and how does the transformation process look?

Going through your Request For Information, we suggest tailoring our tried-and-tested framework. This will ensure you a transparent and inspiring end-to-end process, taking into consideration your people, processes, technology, data, and content. It will foster a collaboration that's sensitive to your ambition, company culture and mindset, where we will work together to achieve shared missions and goals to improve your long-term competitive advantage.


Aligned strategy services providing strategic direction, that gives clarity on your goals, help you capitalize on new opportunities, drive growth and innovation while mitigating risks and delivering value.

Prepare: Creating tactical roadmaps and unified foundations for successful commerce projects, always with the customer's journey at heart.

Transform: We are a transformative driver for delivering omnichannel excellence, streamlining input and maintenance, increased product transparency and enhanced customer journeys. 

Evolve: We help you navigate and evolve in the new paradigm by you getting the most out of your preferred commerce suite. We provide a solid basis for setting up your transformation strategy.

The Evolution of Modern Commerce and Its Impact on Manufacturing

Transform your manufacturing business with our customer-centric digital commerce solutions. From strategy to optimization, our services cover all your digital commerce needs, ensuring seamless and personalized experiences for your customers. 

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Digital commerce

The future of commerce is composable

Empower your business with agility, flexibility, and modularity to meet ever-changing customer demands. Our solution leverages microservices, APIs, and cloud technologies to create a scalable, future-proof platform that can be easily customized. Streamline operations, accelerate time to market, and elevate customer experiences with our innovative solution.

Composable Commerce


Stay ahead of the game with our manufacturing industry insights

Dig into the trends shaping the future of manufacturing.

Discover where we’re headed and how today’s digital evolution can build efficiency and sustainability throughout your enterprise - giving you a competitive edge.


Get Ahead of the Curve: The State of CXE in Manufacturing

Unlock the secrets to delivering exceptional Customer Experience within manufacturing from +100 professionals. Discover the insights and strategies you need to stay ahead in today's competitive digital commerce landscape.

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Results matter

Read how we’ve helped other enterprises just like yours take control.

These customer success cases demonstrate the transformative power of digital solutions in manufacturing. From improving the customer journey to enhancing customer experience, they showcase the value of investing in digital innovation to drive business growth and streamline operations.

Dan Andersson

Dan Andersson

Customer Experience Lead for Epiroc

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