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Every business in today’s market conditions faces the challenge of increasing sales. We have the choice to keep selling to existing customers or to expand to newer customers and markets. As a short-term strategy, it is efficient to work with existing customers by helping them to buy more from you and increase the frequency of their purchases.

To generate new customers and explore markets, we need to generate new traffic on our website for a continuous flow of business. There is always the option to go for paid means to generate traffic; however, it would be better to reduce the dependence on paid sources of traffic, especially in the long-run. Instead, it is better to work towards generating traffic organically by creating and publishing content that customers want to access.

One of the ways to attract more visitors to your e-commerce website is by using the ‘inbound methodology’ effectively. Once the visitors are on your site, you can convert these visitors to leads, nurture leads to close the deal and take care of customers to ensure they are satisfied.
In the graphic below, we have portrayed the various stages and activities that are part of the inbound methodology of marketing:

 Source: Hubspot 

What are the benefits of linking your e-commerce portal with an inbound tool?

By integrating inbound and e-commerce, you can get a comprehensive picture of the customers and their purchases. With this information, you will also be able to do segment better, and therefore, process customers based on previously completed purchases and incomplete transactions (abandoned cart).
For example, you can use these insights to personalize messages on email and landing pages. A useful step is to input the data you get from your e-commerce system into the inbound tool, to enrich the customer image you have built up with transaction data, and then automate your market processing.

We have put together a solution to make it easy for you

Customer-Centered E-Commerce

Inbound marketing is part of the customer-centric e-commerce solution that Columbus offers. The solution helps you drive more traffic with organic marketing efforts, strengthen your brand, develop customer relationships, and increase the revenue from existing customers.

Products, offers, and customers from your e-commerce business will become marketing signals to HubSpot, our recommended inbound marketing tool. Use these insights to personalize emails and ads. You can then scale up your personalized marketing efforts with automated workflows.

We use Hubspot as the market engine for ‘Inbound methodology’ and Litium as our standard e-commerce system. Currently, we also have tie-ups with Litium, EPI, Shopify, and Magento; however, we can also integrate with other e-commerce systems.

Our Base Offer

Here’s a basic package with a selection of features that will get you started with customer-centric e-commerce.

Our basic package consists of:

  • Customer-centric e-commerce best practices workshop
  • E-commerce platform based on Litium
  • Marketing platform based on Hubspot
  • Implementation of Google-enhanced e-commerce
  • Project implementation, basic design, and integration

You have the option to select the parts you require in case you do not need the complete package.

Additional Services

We also offer optional services in case you have additional requirements that will enable you to grow at a different pace. These additional features include:

  • Additional e-commerce functionality
  • Additional marketing functionality
  • Integration with existing operating systems like, PIM, ERP system, etc
  • Adaptations of design or new design concept

What are the benefits of our e-commerce solution?

Listed below are some of the main advantages your company gains with our e-commerce solution:

  • Ability to attract new customers with reduced cost
  • Increased customer lifetime value
  • Focused and intuitive email marketing
  • Increased return on marketing activities
  • Synchronized and tested Integrations
  • Minimized risk with a proven solution
  • Reduced human investment cost
  • Improved reach and increased sales opportunities

Let’s collaborate to improve your e-commerce reach and brand recognition!

Get started on your e-commerce journey with a Best Practice Workshop, where we guide and educate you. During this stage, we also study your needs to understand if our standard solution matches them or whether you require additional features to meet your specific requirements.

Armed with these inputs, we put together detailed plans along with timelines for implementation to take the project forward.

Dan Andersson

Dan Andersson

Customer Experience Expert

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