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Keeping your Microsoft D365 ERP fresh: 3 key considerations

So you’ve implemented a new ERP system so your food business can stay competitive. If that’s your...

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Using personalisation to boost sales and customer loyalty

Personalising the customer experience leads to boosted sales and customer loyalty.

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How an ERP system creates value

ERP systems provide value for customers, employees and owners alike. But value creation isn’t just...

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How ERP can help manage quality assurance for the meat industry

Paper checklists and constant check-ins only get you so far. Improve your quality assurance with...

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The importance of product information management for manufacturers

Today's customers have more choice than ever before. With product information management software,...

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Where should businesses invest to reduce future operating costs?

It’s been a tough year for businesses. If you’re wondering how to lower your current and future...

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Higher quality at lower costs: Is it realistic for the food industry?

Increased quality doesn’t always equal increased cost. Doing things right the first time can reduce...

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COLUMBUSCAST: Is your B2B e-commerce strategy working?

How can B2B companies succeed in e-commerce? In this podcast episode, we compare the B2B and B2C...

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Customer service vs customer experience: Definitions & differences

While customer service focuses on your customer-facing teams, customer experience refers to the...

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5 essential change management tips for ERP implementation success

No matter how big or small a company is, a new ERP system will have an impact. Discover 5 change...

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3 tips to improve customer satisfaction for services organisations

Great customer satisfaction can lead to many benefits for your business, from repeat purchasing to...

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Food in the digital age: Why it's not just about technology

In the digital age you need more than technology. A great customer experience and an effective...

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How to find the ideal PIM system

A PIM system can transform your customer experience, increase basket value and reduce returns. But...

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What is go live in ERP? And 3 other software implementation FAQs demystified

Going live in ERP can be an exciting time for your business. How do we guarantee a successful...

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D365 HR joins Finance & Operations: What that means for you

As part of the 2021 release wave 2 plan, Microsoft merges D365 HR with the Finance & Operations...

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Why maximising business value is about more than ERP

ERP systems help you make more informed decisions and increase efficiency. But you also need to the...

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