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6 steps to CRM ERP system integration success

So you know the benefits of a CRM-ERP integration and you’re looking to ensure a successful integration project. Here are six key steps you should follow.

CRM and ERP integration: The path to achieving true customer value

Over the years, ERP solutions have evolved to cover more business elements. But to maximise its ROI, you should consider integrating with CRM. Here's why.

How the business landscape has changed: Top key statistics for 2021

Wondering how business is changing following the COVID-19 pandemic? Discover the top key statistics you need to know about the changing business landscape.

The value of an ERP-CRM integration

An ERP-CRM integration creates a single source of data truth. And the value of that? From more sales opportunities to faster approvals, learn more here.

ERP vs CRM: What's the difference and do you need both?

The main difference is that an ERP system manages back-office tasks while a CRM handles the front. This is precisely why you need both systems. Learn more here.

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