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Strategy and Change


COLUMBUSCAST: What digital transformation looks like in the food industry

One benefit of technology is reduced waste in your supply chain. But tech alone won't solve all your problems. Listen to Ian and Chris to find out why.

6 great examples of digital transformation

The health crisis hit businesses of all sizes but those who digitally transformed could pivot quickly. Here’s how they used tech to become even stronger.

COLUMBUSCAST: Creating an effective digital transformation plan

What are the key success factors for digital transformation? What’s the role of value management? Join Toby and Ian as discuss change and transformation.

Creating a change management strategy for an ERP implementation

A great change management strategy is vital if you want your ERP implementation to be a success. Here are seven tips to help you create the perfect strategy.

The role of rich pictures in business transformation and how to create one

Rich pictures can be instrumental in the success of a business transformation project. They can boost employee engagement, align values and more. Read more here.

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