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Professional services in a post-COVID world: 7 tips for working remotely

Thanks to COVID, remote working is key for most businesses thriving in this new world. Here are 7 tips for working remotely and embracing the hybrid work model.

6 key benefits of using Power BI for reports and data analytics

With Power BI, you can gain actionable insights that go beyond the reporting and analytical capabilities of Excel. Read the other Power BI benefits here.

Why innovation consultancies are key to maximising the success of food product development

Insights from an experienced food consultancy can boost your food product development efforts, maximising your chances of success. Read more in this blog.

Application management services: How to choose the right AMS partner

To get the most out of your application management services investment, work with the right partner. Here are 8 qualities the right AMS partner can offer.

What's in it for me? Rethinking your business value management strategy

It’s important to communicate the ‘what’s in it for me?’ factor when it comes to business value management. Learn how to do that in five steps in this blog post.

Why it’s time to innovate your project management process

The business landscape has evolved. It’s time for your project management process to change if you’re to remain competitive. Let's light up project operations!

How to create value within a business innovation strategy

It’s important to build value as part of your overall business innovation strategy. Whether that value is new, better or improved, learn more here.

Is technology the right answer for food and beverage businesses?

Technology helps any business improve its processes but the wrong solution could see you lose time and money. Understanding your specific needs is key.

How to maximise the benefits of your ERP system

Post implementation, you obviously want to maximise the ROI of the new system. Here are 5 ways you can extend the benefits of ERP so it’s always offering value.

Why your B2B e-commerce site isn't working (and how you can fix it)

If your e-commerce website isn’t performing, don’t worry - you can fix it. Discover the top 7 reasons your website isn’t working and how you can fix it here.

What to consider when choosing an ERP system for equipment rental industry

When you’re choosing an ERP system, it’s important to consider how it can help with your specific equipment rental industry needs. Here are 5 questions to ask.

Why application management isn't the same as outsourced IT support

Isn’t application management services the same as outsourced IT support? No - for starters, AMS offers a more holistic service. Discover what that means here.

What are the signs your food business should invest in technology to improve profit margins?

Technology can have a positive impact on profit margins for the food and drink industry. But when’s the right time to invest? We list some of the signs here.

What's NEW: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform release plans

In the 2021 wave 1 release, Microsoft will be focusing on helping you boost customer satisfaction and access better data insights. We break it down in this blog.

5 benefits of automation for e-commerce sales

From boosted productivity to better employee engagement and customer satisfaction, there are many benefits of automation to improve e-commerce sales. Read about them in more detail here.

5 key challenges facing professional services firms

From increasing project complexity to the need to maximise billable hours, professional services firms face many challenges. Read the top 5 and their solutions.

How digital transformation can boost your value proposition

Digital transformation can enhance your business value proposition. For example, by helping you meet customer demands and improve productivity. Read more here.

Why the future of food is automated (and how your business can take the leap)

The use of automation in the food industry is helping businesses become more agile in an ever-changing landscape. Read why the future of food is automated.

9 reasons to prove why you need a CRM system

Wondering why you need a CRM system? Well, a CRM system can help you better manage your customer data, offer better customer service, segment leads and more.

Why digital commerce is about more than just e-commerce

Once it was enough to launch an e-commerce website. Now, you must rethink your overall digital commerce experience if you’re to remain competitive. Here’s why.

Choosing ERP software for the equipment rental industry: 12 features you need

It’s important to choose the right ERP software, especially in equipment rental where challenges can be very niche. Here are 12 features you must look for.

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