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How to build an effective food traceability system

Today’s complex food supply chain makes tracing products successfully more vital than ever before. Read how to build an effective food traceability system.

7 tips to improving your customer engagement strategy

A robust customer engagement strategy can help you provide the most memorable, positive customer experiences. Here are some tips manufacturers should know.

Bridging the retail online gap: 5 ways to drive customer experience

The modern customer prioritises experience more than ever before. Here are some ways to enhance customer experience and bridge the retail-online gap.

4 ways big data is changing supply chains

Use big data to better understand trends and you can revolutionise the efficiency of your supply chain. Here are 4 ways big data can transform your business.

Your path to choosing a professional services automation tool

Professional services automation tools help you improve overall efficiency. But you need more than software to reach your goals. Discover why in this blog.

Why traceability is top of mind in food and beverage

The complexity of today’s food supply chain makes tracing products successfully vital. Read how traceability ensures food safety and quality.

9 top benefits of a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

A main benefit of a managed services provider is they can help you adopt a proactive approach rather than reactive to maximise uptime. Here are 8 more benefits.

Everything you need to know about application management services in 10 minutes

If you’re wondering 'what is application management services’ and you have 10 minutes to spare, look no further than this blog post.

Why manufacturers should prioritise customer experience

Customer experience isn’t traditionally a priority for manufacturers. But with more B2B customers looking for convenience, it should be. Learn more in this blog.

How to boost your equipment rental firm's revenue

Upselling and cross-selling can increase your equipment rental business’s revenue. Read about the two terms, their definitions and how to successfully do both.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

D365 Project Operations is the latest addition to Microsoft’s project management solutions family. But what makes Project Operations so special?

Why traceability is key to ensuring food safety

Food traceability allows you to be more transparent with your customers so they can make better informed food choices. Read the other benefits here.

The role of rich pictures in business transformation and how to create one

Rich pictures can be instrumental in the success of a business transformation project. They can boost employee engagement, align values and more. Read more here.

How the right B2B e-commerce solution helps manufacturers overcome logistical challenges

The pressure’s on to deliver more efficiently and faster. The right B2B e-commerce solutions can help manufacturers overcome extreme logistical challenges.

7 trends impacting the equipment leasing industry

Digital technology is revolutionising the equipment leasing industry. From AI and machine learning to blockchain and big data, here are the top 7 trends.

6 features the perfect PSA software should offer

PSA software helps create cohesive methods for planning, supervising and gauging the operation of a project from creation through to completion.

COLUMBUSCAST: Why the food sector needs industry-specific ERP software

Trying to customise a generic ERP system for the food industry will hinder your business instead of helping it. Our podcast episode explains why.

Advice from consultants: The best way to manage applications for a global company

Managing applications in-house is challenging. Read these tips from our application management services consultants and see how you can maximise your investment.

In-house or B2B ecommerce agency: Which should you pick for your software implementation?

In a B2B e-commerce software implementation project, an important choice may be whether you should work with a partner or keep it in-house. Let’s compare.

6 steps to CRM ERP system integration success

So you know the benefits of a CRM-ERP integration and you’re looking to ensure a successful integration project. Here are six key steps you should follow.

UK manufacturing PMI hits record high: What that means for your business

Manufacturing PMI hits a record high of 65.6, the highest it’s ever been since July 1994. Read what it means for your business and what you should do next.

How to choose a project management tool for your professional services firm

There are many project management tools available so how do you pick the right one for your services organisation? Here are eight considerations to keep in mind.

The future of food is in e-commerce

Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the food supply chain. But shorter supply chains and direct-to-home deliveries aren't the only fixes. E-commerce plays a role too.

ERP implementation lessons learned: Our experts share their advice

Over the last 30 years, we’ve experienced every roadblock you can think of when it comes to ERP implementation. Here, we share our lessons learned from them.

How to forge a successful relationship with your managed service provider

Finding the right managed service provider is the first step. The next? Ensuring that partnership is the best and most successful it can be. Here are 8 tips.

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