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What is Salesforce - and does it fit my business?

There are some things you need to keep in mind before using Salesforce. We at Columbus are here to...

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Preparations for Year-End in Infor M3 – part 3

In this third and last blog about Year End in Infor M3, you'll get the checklist of what to do...

How Can You Get Started with AI?

What we think of as Artificial Intelligence "AI" is more and more already proven technology and a...

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What Can AI Do for You?

AI can be a powerful means to achieving those ends, but like any tool it works best when integrated...

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Preparations for Year-End in Infor M3 – part 2

This is the second blog in the series Preparations of Year End in Infor M3 - what you need to do...

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Preparations for Year-End in Infor M3 – part 1

Be prepared for year end in Infor M3! Here are 5 pieces of advice that you shouldn't forget.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) exploits the enormous amounts of data in your company

Today, many ask themselves whether AI is right for them, whether the timing is ideal, how to get...

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How is digitization making complex processes easy?

Learn how Columbus is combining digitization and automation to make complex processes easy,...

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Climate Conscious Commerce: What can we do to make e-commerce more environmentally sustainable?

What is Climate Conscious Commerce? Read our blog post on how you can transform your e-commerce...

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