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Is it worth investing in a B2B portal?

Offer a personalized shopping experience for your B2B customers using digital tools and buyer...

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4 reasons you should invest in a customer portal

Today, your customers don’t have enough time. So, it’s no surprise that online self-service is...

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A digital 360° experience with a customer portal

The digital transformation has changed our purchasing behaviour. To create business opportunities...

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Allow your customer portal to increase CLV – Customer Lifetime Value

In B2B, it’s particularly important to maximise customer lifetimes so you can grow and maintain...

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President Biden signs Privacy Shield 2.0 – What now?

A new framework to protect data transfers between the U.S. and the European Union with a mission to...

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Climate Conscious Commerce: Web energy efficiency

Climate Conscious Commerce: Web energy efficiency. How do we actually make the internet is a green...

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Is Google Analytics GDPR compliant? Here’s the situation 

Due to recent rulings on the GDPR, Google Analytics (GA4) users are under fire for transmitting...

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