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Our picks from this years Resonate Festival in Belgrade

After four days of intensive lectures and performances, the Resonate festival is over for this year and we are once again back in Stockholm. Bye bye Belgrade! We really loved the Serbian capital, and we didn’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the good vibes of the city, surrounded by history and friendly people. Now it’s time to share some of what we saw, listened to and discussed during the trip.

Foresta Luminas magical forest

We kicked off the festival with a very impressive lecture from Moment Factories and some of their many captivating projects. One in particular that we liked was the Foresta Lumina experience in Montreal. They took a forest area and transformed it into a magical world with interactive visual mapping and lights installation. A tree would come to life and talk to you when you passed it or you could dance with the forest fairies. The project felt like the natural evolution of cinema, where you would step into the story rather than being a passive viewer. 

Great audiovisuals from PlayModes

PlayModes is an audiovisual research studio based on Barcelona area, led by Eloi Maduell and Santi Villanova. They use self-made technologies to create immersive installations, projection mapping projects, interactive experiences, theatre scenography and audiovisual instruments. The showcase of their studio was extraordinary!

Lots of inspiring designers

We also loved the designs of Murat Pak, the Turkish designer obsessed with perfection. His hyper sophisticated approach to design and his digital products are extremely well crafted and, for sure, also innovative.

Check out Archillect, a synthetic intelligence made to find and share inspiring visuals over social media or Direnduvar, a web page dedicated to the freedom of speech and protest, where the visitors can create repayable content, better known as the web wall of resistance.

Incredibly inspiring designers, artists and collectives shared the stage and we will name just a few of them: Pe Lang, Kimchi & Chips, Isaac Bertran, Onedotzero, Nicolas Felton and may others.

Note to self: challenge and play around

Beside being a super inspiring immersion in the creative world, it was very interesting to understand the processes of some of the most innovative companies in the world. How they make stuff happen and how do they approach and challenge their clients. It was interesting to see how super small studios went to become huge international design firms in a few years and how other small studios are working with huge clients delivering outstanding projects working with only a few people and relatively small resources.

We got confirmation on how important it is to question a lot and to not take the given requirements for granted, but rather challenge the brief and be a bit critical in our approach. And last, but not least, to play around, find inspiration, experiment and create more sense as we go and do our job! It doesn’t matter how, but it’s important to believe in what you do, to stand for it. If you do that, great things happen.

Thank you, Belgrade and Resonate Festival. We shall meet again!

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