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How to manage Dynamics 365 updates in a secure and efficient way

Today, Dynamics 365 customers have constant access to the latest technology and functionality,...

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The shift in CX behaviors: A look into the manufacturing industry

The servitization of products has altered the manufacturer-customer relationship. We examine the...

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Governance: the missing but critical link in no-code/low-code development

Governance over no-code/low-code apps has, in many companies, fallen through the cracks. But when...

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How high are manufacturers aiming their CX efforts?

Today's B2B customers want a more B2C-like customer experience than ever before. In this blog, we...

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Digital Advisor Navigates the Intersection of Business, Processes and Technology

Dynamics 365 is evolving rapidly, and many companies are in doubt about how to react. Columbus’s...

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EuroCIS 2022: learnings and insights

In this blog, we are sharing our core insights and learnings from the retail trade fair EuroCIS...

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The game is changing. And your mindset must change, too.

It's impossible to go on a digital journey to cloud ERP if your mindset hasn't shifted.

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