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When Infor acquires one of the leading M3 partners, Merit Globe, it changes the structure in the M3 community. A community where customer- focused partners have been a vital part of the success of M3 in the last 4-5 years.

A positive trend for M3

I see the acquisition as yet another positive sign of Infor anticipating further growth and success for M3 in the ERP market. It is, however, as important that the M3 partner network is continuously active, building both competence and value adding solutions - for you and for Infor. This is what we do today and you can count on us continuing supporting you and Infor with local expertise - and the ability to execute globally.

Making sure you get the benefits

The development of M3 is very positive. We will continue to support this positive trend by engaging with you and Infor to make sure you get all the benefits from product development. You want to get the most out of your M3 – and so do we. When needed, however, we will guide you to additional best of breed components to ensure that you get the best solution possible for your business, e.g. within e-commerce, mobility, e-invoicing. We also infuse our joint learnings by being a software developing partner to Infor, helping them design and deliver new functionality in M3 so that you can minimize modifications and improve efficiencies.

Investing in your M3 solution is a long term commitment, and as many of you know, we have seen changes in the community before. We still strive to be your continous partner during this journey, guiding you in how to maximize your business every day with M3. 

It doesn’t matter if your business is global or local, you want to make sure that upgrades and new projects are rolled-out in a successful way. You want to make sure your M3 consultant has the experience and the competence to do so. We certify our consultant in the latest version and we are close to 300 M3 experts employed, delivering value adding services every day.

Our commitment

We are committed to create excellent business value for you. In many ways, we now hold a unique position. iStone is - without a doubt - the largest independent M3 partner in the world.


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