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In this blog post I'm describing how to create bookmarks in M3. Since we are moving towards Infor OS and H5, we need to handle that there are some differences in how you manage bookmarks in the different user interfaces for M3.

A bookmark is a link to an M3 program, that will open the program exactly the way it looked like when you did the bookmark. It will open it with the same sorting order, view, selections, searches etc, and this gives us opportunities to help the user get the correct information immediately. For example, you can make a bookmark that opens up the purchase order lines with a search that only shows all delayed orders.

Let's start with Smart Office. Open the program you want to bookmark, and make sure you are using the correct view, sorting order, search, selections etc that you want to bookmark. In the example below, I want to create a bookmark link to the manufacturing order list program I created in CMS010 in my previous blog post.

Go to tools, and then bookmarks. In the drop down menu you can chose some different options, for example create a canvas shortcut.


 The canvas shortcut creates an icon on the canvas. Click on the icon to make sure the bookmark opens the program the way you want. Once you have done that, you can get the bookmark link by right clicking on the icon, and chose settings.


In this case the bookmark link will look like this:


As you can see the bookmark link in my example will open up the list for company 990, and the filter for facility will be pre-populated with A01. If I want to use this link as a shortcut in the toolbox area for example, I need to exchange the yellow values with <CONO> and <FACI> to get the company from the user and facility from the record I have marked in the list. You can use {} or <> for variables in Smart Office, but in H5 only <> works. If you have a mixed environment you should use <>.

If you want to create the bookmark link from H5, you have to follow the steps below instead. Start by opening the program, just as you did in Smart Office. Go to tools, but now you have to choose Add to start page shortcuts.  


Once you have done that, go to the startpage, and check the shortcuts widget. Your new link will be at the top of the list. Right click on the link, and chose copy link to clipboard.


The link will look like this:


Use <> to replace the hard coded values in the link to variables. Note! This link only works in H5! If you want to use it in both H5 and M3, you need to add mforms:// in front of the link:


The bookmarks described above are internal bookmarks, they work within Smart Office and within H5. This means that you can use these links as shortcuts, document links, hyperlinks etc.  

If you are running Infor OS, and wants to add a bookmark to a program to a widget on the homepage, then you need to use a different kind of link. A description how to do this will follow, so continue keeping an eye on the M3 Usability Blog!   

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