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In Infor M3 13.4 there is a new possibility, you can build your own list program. This blog post will show you how to do that.

In version 13 of M3 the new list standard came, and there are a lot of programs where you can use the new list standard with all its functions around related tables, related options, virtual fields etc. But sometimes you still miss the program you really want to change in CMS005 (the place where you can see all programs where the new list standard is available).

For example, I got a question if we could add some item related information in the view of PMS100, manufacturing orders. The first check in CMS005 gave us that PMS100 didn´t have the new list standard.1_CMS005

But in 13.4 there is a new possibility, you can build your own list program! The function is available in earlier 13.x-versions as well, but in the earlier versions you have to use a mashup to show the list, in 13.4 that is no longer necessary.

You build the list in CMS010, start by adding a new information category. In my case the table I want to use as the base is MWOHED, manufacturing order header information. Since CMS010 is used for both custom lists in mashups, CMS100MI-programs, ad hoc reporting etc it is smart to use a naming standard when you create new records. In my case I have chosen to use prefix LIST_.


Once the information category is created and activated (set to status 20) I use option 24 to go to the panel where I can configure my list.


From the designer screen you can create your sortering orders and views, and also add related tables, options and virtual fields. In my example I want to add fields from MITMAS and MITFAC to the view, so I start by clicking the related tables button and add these two tables to the list.


The information I want to show in the view that doesn´t exist in PMS100 is:

  • Item group
  • Name of the item group
  • Remaining quantity
  • Cost price

Cost price is easy since that field is available in MITFAC, and item group can be found in MITMAS. But for the name of the item group and remaining quantity I need to create virtual fields. I click the button for virtual fields, and start by creating the field for item group name.

I call the field &ITGR, the fields must be named using syntax &XXXX. The type in this case is name from CSYTAB, and M3 helps me with the input that is needed.


The next field is remaining quantity on the order, which is a simple calculation in this case.


The next step is to make sure I have all the related options I use in PMS100 in my custom list as well. I add all the relevant options, just by adding the number of the option, and the program where the option is available. To make this work you just need to make sure the key values are in the view, in my case facility, manufacturing order number, product number.


Then I need to create a sorting order that gives me the correct possibilities to sort, filter and select records. I have chosen to filter on facility, and then have the possibility to add selections for status, product and finish date.


The last step is to create the view. I add the fields I need from MWOHED, MITMAS and MITFAC, and my virtual fields.


And now I am done! I bookmark the page using the sorting order and view what I have created, and then I can add the link to my new list program as a shortcut on the canvas, as a favorite or as a shortcut in the toolbox area forexample. More about how you get the bookmark-links for Smart Office, H5 and for homepages will follow in my next blogpost.

When the user opens the list it will look like a normal M3 program, all basic options are there, the related options I have added are there – and with some nice personalizations we have created a new user friendly program, without any coding at all!


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