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There’s been the possibility to personalize the M3 programs for many years, but still I have a feeling that there is a lot more that can be done in this area in many cases. For example, how many of you are using the possibility to add shortcuts/hyperlinks that via a bookmark takes you to the correct panel in M3?

I got a question from a customer if it was possible to create a hyperlink from CAS300 to CRS395, bringing the accounting event and accounting type from the list in CAS300. The reason for the question was that they sometimes wanted to see details about the accounting setup when working with the internal account entries, and no related option was available.

We solved this by using the bookmark functionality that was introduced in M3 version 10.1, combined with a conditional style.

This is how it’s done:

1. Open the program

First you need to get the bookmark link. Open the program you want to connect to, in this case CRS395. Enter values in the fields you want to populate, and press enter. In my example it was accounting event and type that was interesting.


Use option Tools/Bookmark/Create canvas shortcut and save a shortcut on your canvas. Click on the shortcut to make sure it works, and that it opens the program with the same values as you had when you created the short cut.

2. Copy the URL

Once you have a shortcut that works, right click on the icon on the canvas, and hit settings. Copy the target/URL. For CRS395 in v.13.2 of M3 my link looks like this:


3. Exchange the hard coded values

Now you need to exchange the hard coded values with variables, since you want the values to be taken from the list in CAS300. Use the column names in the list, surrounded by curly brackets, for example {EVTY}.

If you don´t know the column names, go to Tools/Personalize/Conditional Styles. Create a new one, and you will see a drop down list with the names of all columns. In this examples it is DIVI (division), EVEN (Accounting event) and ACTY (Accounting type) that we want to bring from CAS300. Note! All these fields need to be shown in the view in CAS300. After I have exchanged the hard coded values my link looks like this:


4. Create the hyperlink

Now you can create the hyperlink by using option Tools/Personalize/Conditional styles in CAS300. I have set the target field to EVEN, since I want the hyperlink to be connected to the field accounting event. I chose “Text” as condition type and since I want the link to show all the time I have entered that EVEN should be equal to EVEN.


On the next screen I choose the tab “Hyperlinks”, and paste the bookmark link under “New Link”. Once that is done I just click next and finish.


This is how it looks in CAS300 once the hyperlink is created:


...and when I click on the link CRS395 opens up with start values taken from the selected line in CAS300, just as I wanted it to work!


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