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For the last 1,5 years, I have been working with recruitment and employer branding in the marketing department and here are my key learnings so far. 

1. We need to be more creative

Just look at the job ads - they pretty much look the same as they have always done 🤦. Dry and formal, not personalised, no visual elements - the list could go on and on. And you wonder why no one applies? Marketers are used to creativity in their work roles. If you can't join the marketing team, you need to create this environment on your own. Creativity should be a part of your work role - the tough candidate market will require different takes on how to communicate to candidates. 

2. DIY - You can do a lot yourself

After reading Elon Musk's 🚀 biography I could see similarities in how we work in our team. We push ourselves to do a lot of stuff on our own and therefore, we do it much more efficiently. And this also means that we learn as we go along. 

If you have a creative environment with diverse skills and team cooperation, it's easy to create new, cool stuff. For example: if I want to create a blog post aimed at a persona, I get help with creating visuals and how to write in an appealing way. When the post is ready to be published, the team plans how to distribute the content and which channels to choose. 

3. You only have one shot at the best candidates

With many of these candidates, you only get one shot. They are often in several processes, which means you only have a limited time frame to engage them in a recruitment process and you need to act fast 🏃🏃. The managers were not used to this flow of candidates and therefore we missed some opportunities with a few candidates. Note to self: map the process and work to improve all the touch points to ensure a great candidate experience. Don't forget to educate the managers in candidate experience from the start and don't forget to treat potential candidates like they are potential customers. 

4. It's cost-effective to enhance your brand

After six months in the marketing department, we could see the effects of enhancing the employer brand in increased traffic to our career site, more applicants per role and better qualified candidates.

Increased traffic to the site, more applicants per role and better qualified candidates are the key outcomes when working in the marketing department

This means we had a lot of attractive candidates applying. After implementing an inbound recruitment strategy on our aimed candidates, we were able to strengthen our brand, attract and hire more talent. The key learning is: with a stronger brand, you can save a lot of money on external recruitment costs. 

We also own the long-term relationship and the communication with the candidate instead of losing sight of them after one recruitment process. 

5. You need to measure like a marketer

In the marketing department, everything is measured and analyzed to continuously improve. This is something you need to adhere to. To be able to track where your candidates come from, what they clicked on and applied from, gives you a lot of valuable information. So, what are you waiting for? Start measuring like a marketer! 📈 

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