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From day one as a Trainee and for the 6 months that follow you learn to work as a business consultant with iStone’s customers. It’s a great job with loads of variety and lots of customer contact, but also challenges beyond the everyday. Emma Sandfjord, one of our sharp trainees, tells us about her work as a business consultant.

What does an iStone ERP trainee do?

“I work with the business system M3 in different ways, from upgrading projects to on-going support. At present I sit with a customer for a day a week, but also work with implementation and training in the planning system Infor Advanced Planning for one of our Norwegian customers. I am learning so much”, explains Emma.

Menthorship helps you accelerate your skills 

As a trainee at iStone you are assigned a personal mentor who is your closest contact within the company and coaches you through your first time as a consultant. The mentorship is one way to quickly get into jobs and projects. Work that can sometimes be complicated. “Issues can be complex and you need to develop a good approach for this. With mentorship you can accelerate that process and relatively quickly get out and take on your own assignments, simply because you know you have back-up if needed” says Emma.

Every day a new challenge

Being new in a troubleshooting role is a challenge and is often a balancing act between sensitivity and belief in your own ability to find new solutions.

“You must have humility as you do not have the same knowledge as someone with 20 year’s experience, at the same time I have to know that I can contribute within my field and win trust.” Says Emma, and she continues, “Sometimes a question drops into my lap and I hardly know where to start. But after a bit of unraveling, testing, thinking and discussing I find a good solution with the help of all the tools I have acquired – it is an unbeatable feeling!”

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