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The task is easy to comprehend and difficult to deliver: How to create seamless and delightful customer experiences while navigating a complex and fragmented technology landscape. In many ways, composable commerce has emerged as the solution to this problem, enabling businesses to build flexible, scalable, eCommerce ecosystems serving customer needs.

The technology and solutions are still fragmented, but we are here to help. In this blog piece, we will explore the advantages of incorporating Vue Storefront into our composable commerce accelerator N3XT, with a core focus on Front-End solutions, risk-free composable strategies, and its scalability and performance-enhancing aspects. We will delve deeper into the benefits that Vue Storefront offers to enterprises, as well as marketers and developers within these companies.

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Front-End excellence: A key driver of customer experience

In the world of e-commerce, first impressions matter. 

According to Kissmetrics, a one-second delay in the page response can result in a  seven percent reduction in conversions. For an eCommerce website that generates $100,000 per day, this lost conversion would bring about $2.5 million in lost revenue per year.

Many companies that are built on the traditional ecommerce platforms struggle to provide excellent user experience. Going composable is a powerful solution, yet it comes with a few challenges:

  • The IT department resists the adoption of composability, deeming it to be too complex.
  • It appears as an expensive way with unclear long-term benefits.
  • Writing custom code is a lengthy and inefficient process.
  • Time-to-market and time-to-value take months.

However, these challenges can easily be overcome by starting with Front-End as the first step in your composable transformation.

The Front-End of an online store - the virtual storefront - plays a crucial role in shaping customer perception. This is where customer experience starts, and it has the biggest impact on your conversions, revenue, and ROI. 

Vue Storefront is a front-end solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Leveraging Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework, it enables businesses to build immersive, user-friendly interfaces that engage and delight customers.

Its rich set of customizable themes and components enable seamless integration with various backend systems, allowing businesses to maintain a consistent brand image while adapting to changing customer preferences.

Allows for experimentation

Traditional monolithic eCommerce platforms often present a significant risk for businesses due to their inflexibility and high switching costs. Composable commerce, on the other hand, is a modular approach, allowing businesses to assemble their tech stack with best-of-breed solutions.

Vue Storefront aligns with this philosophy, enabling businesses to cherry-pick the Front-End elements that complement their existing backend systems. By eliminating vendor lock-in, Vue Storefront allows businesses to experiment, innovate, and stay ahead of the competition.

Vue Storefront for enterprises

By adopting Vue Storefront as the new frontend solution, eCommerce businesses benefit from a faster time-to-market. Customizable Front-End components and numerous out-of-the-box integrations with leading eCommerce platforms, headless CMSs, payment and search providers and more, allow you to slash the development time by up to 50 per cent. You will provide top-notch customer experience, improving your revenues.

At the same time, Vue Storefront offers a well-managed and comprehensive cloud hosting and infrastructure solution that helps you cut down your TCO. With Vue Storefront Cloud, you also benefit from an easily scalable and secure infrastructure.

Vue Storefront for marketers

For marketing teams on eCommerce businesses, Vue Storefront opens up a wide variety of opportunities for customization and flexibility.

Thanks to out-of-the-box Integrations with the best-of-breed headless CMS platforms, marketers can add changes to the website in no time. Every UI component or a complex module can be adjusted to the individual brand’s identity, while a shopping journey can be adjusted to a specific target audience’s needs.

With multilanguage/multibrand/multicurrency features, you may store content in your headless CMS and then broadcast it to any number of locations. That offers you more versatility in how it's displayed.

Vue Storefront for developers

Developers are at the core of what Vue Storefront is doing. With the Vue Storefront FEaaS, they can build beautiful storefronts faster with a future-proof tech stack.

The flexible, framework-agnostic approach helps you to connect with any service, and swap them when needed. Out-of-the box integrations for Vue.js and React, easy connectivity for custom developed APIs.

When it comes to scalability, Vue Storefront offers managed hosting, auto-scaling, and multi-store support. Remain vendor-agnostic: even if you move away from Vue Storefront, you will continue to own all the code you have developed.

Finally, developers eliminate the repetitive groundwork from their daily work. Storefront UI 2 delivers great frontend performance out-of-the box, thanks to the latest best practices. Storefront UI Provides WCAG compliant, fully customizable base components that accelerate frontend development. Focus on your core business logic and customization and go live on time even with tight schedules.


Scalability and performance: Value-adding aspects

The success of an e-commerce business relies heavily on its ability to handle increased user traffic and deliver a lightning-fast user experience. Vue Storefront's focus on performance optimization ensures that customer interactions remain seamless, even during peak demand periods.

With server-side rendering (SSR) and progressive web app (PWA) capabilities, Vue Storefront elevates website loading speeds, reduces bounce rates, and enhances overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, its scalable architecture allows businesses to effortlessly expand their operations as they grow, without worrying about infrastructure bottlenecks.

Personalization and omnichannel experiences

As we all know personalization is paramount. Vue Storefront enables businesses to harness customer data to deliver personalized shopping experiences. By providing a single customer view and supporting omnichannel interactions, businesses can engage customers across various touchpoints, driving customer loyalty and creating lifetime value.

Vue Storefront's seamless integration with various third-party tools then further enhances its capabilities in creating hyper-personalized experiences.

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