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Columbus Academy’s Infor M3 CloudSuite Associate Program has proven to be a popular choice for young professionals around the world. 15 talents with 1–4 years of system-related working experience will now begin a 6-month journey to become full-feathered consultants at Columbus, specializing in Infor M3 CloudSuite.

Maria OlssonMaria Olsson, Program Developer at Columbus, states that this is a fast-track program which allows the participants to learn about company values and culture by shadowing senior consultants. Besides soft skills, they also get valuable insights about digital advisory, build strong networks of collaboration and ultimately – prepare themselves for future roles as consultants.

“We’ve had a very high interest for getting accepted to the program, which truly is amazing. There is a lot of good talent out there, and we are so glad that we can offer some of them this opportunity. The program starting during spring is already full, but there is still a chance to apply to the program for graduates starting this autumn,” says Maria Olsson.

Video: Watch former associate trainee, Oscar Hjerm, talk about the program.

Freedom of choice builds state-of-the-art consultants

As part of fine-tuning your consultancy skills and project methods, the associate program covers different areas such as workshops and presentation skills, personal leadership, and communication. However, due to continuous Covid restrictions around the world, the program will mostly run remotely during 2022. Maria states that the main point is to start building a collaborative network, learn by doing, simulate and then share your experiences with others:

“Fortunately, this can all be done at a remote level, having the opportunity to tailor your own education is one of the core benefits of the Associate Program. Our participants are allowed to choose which topics they have a keen interest in. And, I must say – having a shared forum for valuable lessons, idea creation, and gaining crucial insights into real-time projects is especially valuable when you are new to the consulting industry.”

Basic facts

Entry requirement:
University degree level (Civil engineer, economics, industrial economy, or any ERP program and 1-4 years of relevant working experience).

Time period, certifications & profiling
6 months training period with a certification in Infor M3 CloudSuite, in your business area of choice.

Apply to the ‘Columbus Graduate Accelerator Program’
The Graduate Program for new Infor M3 CloudSuite consultants starts in September 2022. If you want to apply, or learn more, please visit our Graduate Accelerator Program Webpage.

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