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Improving food safety with technology in a COVID world

COVID-19 has forced the food sector to rethink its approach to food safety. Read how innovative food safety technology can help.

Do I need an Application Management Services (AMS) partner?

An AMS partner will handle your application management needs so you get more time back. This is just one reason why AMS partners are worth it. Read more...

How can manufacturers realistically reduce waste? The role of e-commerce

Wondering how manufacturers can realistically reduce waste? Lean and agile principles are a great place to start. The next? To move into e-commerce. Here’s why.

How the professional services industry can remain agile

Business agility is your ability to adapt quickly to market changes, whether that’s internal or external adaptation. Here are 4 steps to achieving that.

7 benefits of automation in the food and beverage industry

Automation brings several benefits across the board such as consistent quality, improved food safety and unparalleled levels of traceability. Read about them in this blog.

From Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365: Why cloud migrations are worth it

Cloud migrations might not be welcome but they're worthwhile. Here’s why you should consider a cloud migration and move to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from AX.

What is lean management and how can it help the commerce industry?

Lean management is all about eliminating waste that doesn’t offer value to customers. Read more about the role Lean principles play in commerce.

What is a digital transformation partner and do you need one?

A digital transformation partner is an agency or consultancy experienced in navigating business transformation projects. Learn why and the services you need here.

3 benefits of budgeting and planning software for Professional Services businesses

As a professional services firm or project-based business, you’re continuously striving to maximise utilisation, deliver projects on time and on budget, as well as optimise your project portfolio.

AI, machine learning, automation and more: How technology is revolutionising the food industry

Wondering how technology is affecting the food industry? It can boost quality, efficiency and safety while keeping labour costs low. Discover more reasons here.

7 things the right cloud migration partner will offer your business

One of the most vital cloud migration considerations? Choosing the right migration partner. Here are 7 things you must look out for when choosing.

Why you should consider Lean management principles for e-commerce success

Lean management principles can boost your e-commerce results by helping you meet market demands, deliver on-time and balance stock with expenses.

Digital innovation: 5 key takeaways from businesses who have already done it

Digital innovation is everywhere and rightfully so. In this post, we’ve rounded up 5 great examples of digital innovation and tips to get your business started.

Why you need a digital transformation strategy (and how to create one)

It's vital to have a digital transformation strategy if you're going to prime your project for success. Learn how you can create a robust strategy in this blog.

What's new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

In April 2021, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will get its bi-yearly major update. Read about the upcoming features and functions in this blog.

5 benefits a digital transformation agency can bring to your food business

Outsourcing doesn’t mean giving up control of your business. Learn how you can tap into high quality resources by partnering with a digital transformation agency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM vs Salesforce: The ultimate face-off

A CRM tool can transform the way your business works, taking efficiency to new heights. Your choice matters. Here’s how Dynamics 365 CRM compares to Salesforce.

Where Lean management fits in your e-commerce strategy

Want to ensure your e-commerce strategy is primed for success? Have you considered adopting Lean management principles? Read more about the benefits here.

5 ways to cut warehousing costs in 2021 without a drop in profits

How can manufacturers and similar businesses reduce their warehousing costs? From tracking KPIs to maximising employee productivity, read these tips.

Big data analytics in the cloud: The benefits

You should be using big data analytics already but if you want to truly drive your business forward, try cloud data. Read the 9 top benefits of cloud data.

How to reap the benefits of digital transformation with a cloud-first strategy

Moving to the cloud as part of a digital transformation process is common. Read how implementing a cloud-first strategy can benefit digital transformation.

Should I invest in ERP software for the food industry?

The food industry has its own complexities that a standard ERP software simply cannot deal with. Read more about why you need an industry-specific system.

The value of excellent customer service (and how to get there)

There’s value in good customer service - it can help you satisfy customers. After all, it costs 5x more to acquire new customers than it does to retain them.

Digital transformation in commerce: 5 signs of a worthy partner

Digital transformation is fast spreading across all industries, including commerce. Here’s how to choose the right consultancy to support you in your journey.

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