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Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with Infor M3 CloudSuite

As Scandinavia's premier supplier of solid processed wood fuels, you are a company on the forefront of sustainable and economical energy solutions. As the largest independent partner to Infor M3 CloudSuite worldwide, we share your values and commitment to driving innovation and optimization and are eager to show you why our purpose is 'Digital Transformation for a Better Tomorrow'. 


Why you should join forces with us

Team of Experts

You'll have a dedicated team of highly-skilled experts with extensive experience in delivering industry-focused technical solutions. Trust us to take your business to the next level with a streamlined end-to-end process and a commitment to long-term project success.


Customized Solutions

Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to develop a customized solution that addresses your unique needs and goals. We believe that a tailored approach is essential for ensuring the success of your Infor M3 CloudSuite project.

Commitment to Success

Our commitment to your ERP journey extends beyond going live. The true measure of success lies in post-implementation efficiency and stability. With ColumbusCare AMS, you can ensure technical and organizational continuity, minimize performance variance, and optimize your operations.

One platform - limetless potential

Support Multiple Business Models

  • Manages complex products and includes attributes-based and configured kits
  • Real-time financial visibility across the company to drive timely, data-driven decisions
  • Indirect procurement spending control & expenses management with assigned policies and fast approvals 

Industry-Leading Functionality

  • Accurate forecasting, project quotes, scope, estimation and contract management
  • 90% of industry-specific capabilities built in which allows you to focus on the processes that make you unique
  • Minimized loss in revenue due to wrongful rejections, payment fraud and associated operations costs

Global Cloud Infrastructure

  • Effective credit and collections management
  • Quick adaption to changing regulations like e-invoicing, tax, reporting, business documents & payments
  • Support integration, contextual BI, workflows, extensibility, IoT, and AI

Best-in-Class Resilience

  • Enables quick, data-driven decision-making and align KPIs with financial objectives
  • Intelligent applications for unrivaled user experience, business processes and deep analytics.
  • Personalized, role-based homepages accessible through a wide range of browsers and devices

Enhanced Financial Visibility

  • End to end visibility of your supply chain and upstream & downstream impact prediction
  • Multisite, multicompany, multicountry, multicurrency, and multi-language support for 25+ languages and 50+ countries
  • Visibility of cross channel inventory by real-time insight of product location & stock levels

Game-Changing Analytics

  • Experience a flexible and business-centric approach to managing data
  • Efficient and quick data-driven decisions with embedded industry-aligned analytical content
  • Scale out customized analytics through multi-tenant architecture

Everything you need to know about a successful M3 go-live

Your go-live is a huge milestone and significant victory. Still, it's by no means the final step in your ERP investment journey.

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Johan Bredenfeldt

Johan Bredenfeldt

Director, Infor M3 CloudSuite Sweden

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