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How manufacturers are using personalisation

There are many benefits to personalisation. Want to see them in action? Here are five examples of manufacturers who have successfully used personalisation.

How to choose the right sales force automation platform

How do you pick the right sales force automation platform? From cloud SaaS vs on-premise to key features and integrations, check out our blog for more advice.

How to tell if your business needs a CRM system

It’s not just about choosing the right CRM. You need to do it at the right time. Here are five signs that indicate your business needs a CRM system.

How to digitally transform your commerce business

Commerce has been going on for millennia, but digital commerce is still relatively new. It’s vital that your business adopts digital technologies.

How is eCommerce changing? 3 key areas of opportunity for businesses

Customer demands are always changing, with market trends and technology playing big roles. Here’s how the eCommerce market will change and how you can keep up.

What are the benefits of reducing manual processes in your business?

Automation can help reduce manual processes in your business. From reducing the amount of repetitive tasks to boosting efficiency, discover the benefits here.

9 misconceptions about CRM systems

There are many misconceptions about what CRMs actually do. We’re here to talk you through these nine common misconceptions and break the myths.

5 benefits of personalisation for B2B commerce

Personalisation can benefit B2B as well as B2C commerce companies. From improving revenue to customer trust, read the pros of personalisation for B2B commerce.

Analysing customer behaviour: 4 metrics to look out for

When you analyse your customer behaviour, you can learn how they think and what they want. From dwell time to web traffic patterns, here are some key metrics.

How technology is changing the equipment rental market

Technology has enabled the rental industry to put customer needs first. Discover how technology has digitally transformed the equipment rental industry here.

4 signs you need to invest in a customer engagement platform (and how to find one)

To get the most out of your customer engagement platform, you need the right one at the right time. Here are some signs it's time to invest in one.

Bringing home the bacon: Accelerating product development with ERP

Robust food product development process steps ensure you're ahead of the market. But it's not just about creativity. Here's how an ERP system can help.

Q&A: What's the best way to grow your eCommerce business?

What approaches are vital to successful eCommerce growth? Why do we need to adopt a customer-centric mindset? We team up with Episerver in this video Q&A.

Why you should connect your commerce with your ERP

The biggest benefit of integrating eCommerce with ERP is enabling a smooth flow of data between the two systems. Learn more benefits in our blog.

How a CRM system and sales force automation improves lead nurturing

Your lead nurturing process is important. A CRM system and sales force automation can help you enhance it. Discover the five main reasons in this blog.

How technology can help enhance your allergen management process

Allergen management is vital. Technology can help you gain more visibility, control and transparency over your manufacturing processes. Find out more here.

The 3 key benefits of Dynamics 365 for your customer service

Organisations are moving towards a connected field service model. We want you to achieve the best from your business, and we believe Dynamics 365 can help.

Getting your team’s buy-in: 3 steps to great eCommerce delivery

If your team struggles to buy-in your strategy for eCommerce, your sales may suffer. Here are some fool-proof tips to inspire them from the get-go.

How to find the ideal PIM system

A PIM system can transform your customer experience, increase basket value and reduce returns. But you need to find the right one. Here's how to do that.

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