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Food labelling regulations: What’s changing and how can you keep up?

Food and drink regulations are always changing. This time, it’s labelling. Here’s what’s changing and how your business can keep pace to stay competitive.

6 questions you need to ask when choosing a CRM implementation partner

CRM implementations are no walk in the park - which is why it's a great idea to work with an implementation partner. But how do you find the right one?

5 benefits your business gains with Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement suite

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement can help businesses who do commerce. From unified customer data to a consistent brand experience, read more here.

Building the new normal: How to start the journey from survive to thrive

People, processes, technology - these are the three key things you need to thrive in this new world. Here are some tips on how you can bring the three together.

What are the pros and cons of working with an implementation partner?

Implementation projects are complex so you might be wondering: Should you work with an implementation partner? Discover the pros and cons in our blog post.

7 stats to prove that upgrading from Dynamics AX to 365 is worth it

Is it worth upgrading to Dynamics 365 from AX? Yes! Here are seven powerful statistics that prove exactly why, from cost benefits to efficiency gains.

How to upgrade from your on-premise CRM to the cloud

You’ve decided to upgrade your on-premise CRM to the cloud. But what does this entail? In this post, we walk you through getting started.

Our 5 favourite examples of personalisation in retail

Personalisation is changing the way you attract and deliver to customers. Read our examples of personalisation in retail and what you can learn from them.

What are the benefits of upgrading from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365?

Changing business software can be a tough challenge. But there are many benefits to upgrading to Dynamics 365 from AX. Here's what they are.

Outsourcing vs in-house: Which is better for a CRM implementation?

A common debate is whether to keep your CRM implementation project in-house or outsource to a partner. We weigh up the pros and cons in this blog. Read here.

A funded path to digital transformation for food businesses (limited time only)

The deadline of 7 October is fast approaching for food manufacturers to access a digital fund to help drive technological innovation across the industry.

Do you need to work with a partner to upgrade your on-premise CRM to the cloud?

No, you don’t need to work with an implementation partner but CRM upgrades are notoriously tricky. So, it’s a good idea to. We cover the reasons why.

How to make the most of your customer data

Collecting customer data and generating reports can be tricky. Here are some metrics we think you should be looking out for to help you maximise your data.

6 common challenges faced by equipment-driven rental companies

As the equipment rental industry expands, the more challenges crop up. Here are six common challenges faced by rental companies and how technology helps.

8 common pitfalls of CRM implementation projects (and how to avoid them)

From not having a clear vision to getting team buy-in, there are pitfalls to avoid when it comes to CRM rollouts. Here’s what they are and how to combat them.

How to manage the return to work digitally

The UK Government has been clear about returning to the office - do so if you can run the working environment safely. But how best should you manage this?

What are some examples of perfect personalisation for eCommerce?

If you’re not using personalisation properly, you could be setting your business back. Here are nine great examples of personalisation for eCommerce.

4 steps to building a futureproofed supply chain

Wondering how to futureproof your supply chain? Digitise and you’ll benefit from end-to-end visibility throughout your supply chain. Here are 4 ways to start.

5 benefits of Lot tracking for the food industry

The number of recalls is rising. Effective Lot tracking can prevent this by boosting traceability. Here are 5 benefits of Lot tracking for the food industry.

Cloud SaaS or on-premise CRM: 7 tips to help you choose the right one

Cloud SaaS or on-premise CRM? Which one is better? We cover some tips and questions you should be asking to help you pick the right CRM for your business.

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