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A powerful CRM system like Salesforce can give your business a real boost. But to get the most out of what the applications have to offer - and to avoid the most common pitfalls - you may need a helping hand. Here we tell you about the benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant.

Today, many people choose to hire a consultant both before, during and after the implementation of a CRM system. An established consulting company has knowledge of how companies can increase the benefits an implementation gives you and also minimize common risks.

It is also about having the ability and method to be able to understand the customer. Not only in business and customer processes but also to be able to see everything that happens outside the system: Namely the people in the organization and the users. In the long run, it saves resources and valuable time for your business.

We discussed this during a live broadcast on LinkedIn - if you missed it, you can watch it afterwards on Youtube.


Here are 7 important benefits of hiring a consultant:

  1. A consultant has a holistic perspective and a greater understanding of the customer. Because Salesforce is about being able to track customer journeys, you need to understand both business and user needs. A consultant has an established approach with a broad perspective, which means that you get a clearer picture of how your customers' needs are related to your business.
  2. It is quick to see a solution to the needs. Consultants bring with them many proven methods for conducting a needs analysis and then creating a plan to solve them. Design thinking, user stories, user scenarios - everything can be translated into Salesforce features, something that a consultant can help you achieve.
  3. Your business avoids the most common pitfalls. You get a full view of the problems that can arise with all CRM systems, for example, that a specific solution does not suit your company - even if it suited other companies in your industry.
  4. Consultants know what the end-user needs. If users can not use the CRM system in a simple way, it will also not pay off properly. It is therefore important to always think about the end-user throughout the project, from pre-study to release.
  5. It will be a more efficient project. Our experience is that it is more efficient in terms of time to hire consultants, simply because they have the experience and structure required to achieve fast results.
  6. You get access to support. After the project is completed, you can calmly hand over the support to the consulting company. Then you and your employees can devote themselves to the tasks that give results instead of maintenance and administration of the system. If the consulting company has also been involved in the project, no handover is needed either.
  7. Future needs are also taken into account during the project. The implementation of a CRM system needs to be long-term - otherwise, you will soon have to go through the same process again. With a knowledgeable consultant by your side, you will already know during the project what the next step is.

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