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Columbus has entered a collaboration with InterForm, sharing the collective mission of future-proofing output management in M3 with the new user-friendly InterFormNG2 solution. Together, InterForm and Columbus have created an M3 package that includes standard document templates. However, InterFormNG2 can also be used across other systems, making it suitable for companies that use multiple systems

"Columbus is well-reputed in the market for high quality. We also share the same values for how we meet our customers. The idea that you always want to do better for your customers is a great match with how we do things at InterForm.

With our collaboration, the customer gets the best of both worlds. Columbus is very strong in ERP and processes, and we come with 37 years of experience in output management. This means we can advise customers based on their current situation and future needs, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Peter Sørensen                                                                                                                                               

     Peter Sørensen,
     Output Expert, CEO of InterForm

In Denmark, current customers Logitrans and Birn Group are delighted about the collaboration and the benefits it brings to their companies. They appreciate the standard templates for M3, the user-friendly InterFormNG2 platform, its log function and its compatibility with other systems.

"We had been using StreamServe practically since the beginning, but we had also considered StoryTeller before deciding against it. We were in search for a new solution that would not be platform dependent, meaning it should not be limited to M3.

Since we have five other companies, not all of which run M3, and you don't know what will happen in the future, we needed something that could fit in universally and be adaptable.

InterForm’s solution, called InterFormNG2, works with multiple systems and offers drag and drop functionality, making it a highly efficient no-code / low-code solution. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which was a challenge with StoryTeller and StreamServe. With InterForm, it's very precise and allows for more people to be assigned to a task, which is a big advantage.

David Stampe Grønborg,
    Group IT-Manager Birn Group

We were excited when we heard about the collaboration with Columbus, as it will allow us to get some standard templates that we can take advantage of. Our project involves transitioning from the old InterForm solution to the new InterFormNG2 solution, as well as getting another super-user internally. With its graphical interface, the new InterFormNG2 platform is easier for new users to navigate.

It offers excellent traceability through the log, so if something goes wrong such as an unresponsive printer, it has a fantastic log function that we can go back and check, which was something we missed before. Also, the design part of the platform is more intuitive. When combined with the fact that we get some standard templates, we have an excellent solution. 

    Anders Grønbech, 
    CDIO Group IT Logitrans


What is the InterForm M3 Package?

The InterForm M3 Package is a modern output management solution that caters to the unique needs of the company. The solution combines Infor M3, Infor OS, Infor IDM with InterFormNG2, and is the most agile solution in the market for both on-premise and cloud customers. It transforms output management by providing pre-integrated elements, pre-installed layouts, and setups. This ensures an extremely fast and efficient start-up and ongoing operation.

About the solutionOverview of capabilities 

The package includes several standard documents, with the number of documents continuously increasing. The layouts are built following the same logic as the IDM templates, making it a valuable supplement to IDM output where IDM falls short of meeting business requirements.

Improvements have been made to the documents in the InterForm M3 Package, e.g. dynamic logo control, dynamic bank information, IDM pre-configuration, delivery address default on invoices and much more.

In InterformNG2, it is possible to create "cross document" functionality through components. If a component is updated, the changes are reflected in all documents that use that component.

This solution is compatible with both M3 13.4 and M3CE, using the same software, document templates, workflows, etc. It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. It is a scalable and holistic solution that allows printing from other systems, including ERP, CRM, and WMS.

If you would like to learn more, contact our expert or join the community, please follow this link.

Screenshot 1 - DesignerInterFormNG2 user interface

Screenshot 2 - Preview

Document example

Screenshot 3 - workflow


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